Monday, March 25, 2019

Stitch A Thon is On!

Technically the The Great UXS Stitch A Thon started around 6 pm last night in my time zone.  Not thinking about that, I worked diligently on a page finish.  Once finished, posted to the group and that's when I saw the questions and comments and the notification saying the Stitch A Thon was "happening now".

Because I wasn't paying attention to how many stitches I was doing for the page finish, I couldn't even begin to count that, so claimed it as a "freebie".  However, it's ON, like the DONKEY KONG.

Earlier today I glanced over at my floss box and felt it looked incredibly photogenic and took a quick shot of how awesome it looked.  Because I have approximately 43 million UXS patterns, I have plastic bobbins with the symbols on them and it makes it easier and faster to stitch when I don't have to keep looking at the color key.  Pretty sure none of my competitors (okay maybe two) read this blog so this trick will go unnoticed for the most part during the frenzy of the stitch a thon.

There I was stitching away, being repeatedly interrupted by Lucy who wants out, wants in, wants out, wants in, wants out, wants in, can't decide what she wants, gets rubs and hugs, told she smells horrible, wants out, wants in, sticker in the paw, lays on the floor next to my chair and quietly whines, wants out.  This went on until 15 minutes ago when I put her in the house to eat.  Anymore interruptions and whining and I might have to yell at her which I don't want to do.  Yelling at a dog usually doesn't do any good (firstly) and sometimes rescue dog associate yelling with bad things and react badly (secondly).

For now, I'm going back to stitching, hoping the berserker mode will kick in at some point and my needle flies!

Until next time......KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Friday, March 22, 2019


Maybe it's time to get some tests done again.  So tired today that after the dog park, Lucy and I took a five hour nap!  She didn't mind, but I sure did as I had things to do.

One thing I did do was finish part 3 of the first band for Weaver's Bird SAL.  There's a dividing band under the birds that I will stitch when the next section comes out.

Preparing everything for the UXS stitch a thon that starts on Monday.  I'm so excited even when I'm napping!

I hope your Friday was glorious!

Until next time...KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Yep, it's Thursday and that means tonight Nancy and I will be stitching together while watching Critical Role.

Okay, so Nancy still lives in Canada.  I now live in Colorado.  I haven't hugged Nancy since she and her folks went to Juneau, Alaska, where I gave them a personal tour of the area several years ago.  10 hours was not enough time!  We barely made it back to their ship (ten minutes to spare) in time.  I should have just kept them and taken them home with me, ha, ha. 

But, with good friendships, we still chat while we watch our shows together.  It's nice to have that one person who "gets it" as the saying goes.

Tonight I'll be stitching on Weaver's Bird SAL and have made a little bit of a dent with some tail feathers already and expect to finish this tonight during the show.

I did make another washcloth of a more manageable size and finished the ruffle today.  I really want to make more tonight but stitching must be done!

Placed on top of the larger ones you can see the difference in size.  I also love the striping.  Sadly, after a year or so of use those stripes will fade.

Lucy and I have spent lots of time at the dog park yesterday and today.  It was hot yesterday and hot again today.  When we arrived today everyone was leaving so we had the park to ourselves which was weird but fun.  Wore each other out stomping around and around.

We were pooped when we got home and Lucy proceeded to hog the couch, did NOT demand belly rubs but promptly began snoring.  Can't wait to go tomorrow!

Have a great night, call an old friend and tell them how much you miss them!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

200 Stitches and 2 Washcloths

Greetings readers!

Yesterday I did finish the 200 stitches on Pirate Ship and Thordak after several wonderful interruptions.  Wonderful, in this case, is not sarcasm but honest to goodness WONDERFUL.  A few sales in my Etsy store....and Lucy.

There were some stitches that were done a few years ago that needed removing and re-stitching so the new stitches could be stitched in correctly as well. Gosh it's looking so good!  Pretty soon all that will be left to stitch are waves of water.

All the stitches done in Thordak have now left me with my favorite part of these particular pages...the lavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  I love how the colors go from purple to bright yellow, oozing out of the black.  

After the stitching was done, Lucy came out for a visit and decided that she needed deep tissue belly rubs so she could poop.  I'm wondering if she really needs the belly rubs or if she has concocted an elaborate ruse to make us think that she's in dire need of belly rubs to help her digestion.  Either way, the poop happened and she was bouncy and happy again.  Still feeling skeptical, but who am I to deny such a great dog a belly rub?  It seems she was also motivated to begin digging a hole for the new swimming pool we didn't know we were installing.  My son laughed and said, "Nice try Lucy!"

Since yesterday was Tuesday, it was time for Nancy and I to watch Talks (a show talking about another show called Critical Role).  It's only an hour long, but I did manage to finish a washcloth that's been on my knitting needles for two years.  I'm almost out of washcloths!

In 2012 I taught a co-worker how to knit.  She was so thrilled with the learning that before she left Alaska and moved to Florida, she knitted a bunch of washcloths for me and bought this very cool orange basket to put them in.

As you can see, the washcloths are on their last breath.  Let's not forget that there used to be so many more!  For some reason I don't usually have a dishwasher, that job fell on me most of the time.  I'm down to three but I can say those washcloths have done their duty admirably!

This is a great basket that's been in my various kitchens for quite some time and will continue being there until the end of time!  The entire gift is so very treasured.

Here are the new washcloths.  These two are a little bigger than I'm used to.  The cloths I make next will be smaller.  Since I have a giant spool of the cotton, I'll keep making the washcloths until the spool is devoid of cotton.   I believe it's Sugar and Spice.

I cannot tell you how much I love these washcloths compared to the scrubby sponges, terry cloth and whatever else they are being made of today.  The seed stitch helps with that little bit of scrubbing everyone needs to do, the cotton holds up under duress, and I can't wait to have a super full basket of washcloths again!

I have some things to do today so I'm not sure any sewing will get done.  This bothers me as I'm off my schedule and need to get back on track.  It will happen eventually.

Hopefully your day is spectacular in every way!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Exhaustion Happened

No blog yesterday.  The weekend caught up with me.  By 6:00 pm I was ready to call it a day and the sun hadn't even gone down yet.  I puttered around for a bit, but only made it to 8:00 pm before I called it a day.  

I did stitch which was great!  Yesterday was the start of the third week of the UXS Stitch a Thon where we stitch 200 stitches on our project and post before and after pictures.  BAM was the first one up and I'm amazed at how much gets done with just 200 stitches!

Today I'm more refreshed and ready to stitch on Pirate Ship and Thordak. It's exciting!  I may even get to pick up Weaver's Bird SAL, but can't make that promise to myself or to you.

Next week is full on Berserker Stitching Mode!  No measly 10, 100 or 200 stitches....FULL ON CRAZY, FAST stitching. I'll be well rested, hydrated, fed and ready to rock and roll. 

Quick tip:  Do not combat clean a 4 bedroom house and a 36 foot RV in the same day.  Pace yourself.

It also seems I forgot to put my Route 66 Project Bags in my Etsy shop, so I did that this morning as well.

I love the fabric!  Brings back memories of road trips and super hot summers stuffed in the car.  First as a kid and then again as an adult (by this time it was I40 which is dumb and doesn't have the same ring as Route 66).

Feeling accomplished now, I'll get to stitching.  I'm not sewing bags today, but tomorrow should get back to my normal schedule of sewing in the morning and stitching in the afternoon.

Have a beautiful day, and according to the birds.....Spring is coming!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

aaaaaaaaaaand, it's Sunday

My beautiful sister, Tracy
My family left this morning.

One would think I would rush back out to the ol' RV and start stitching.  One would be incorrect, sadly.  Well, normally one would be correct on so many levels, but not this day of days!

What I did do was combat clean my son's house and then the RV.  You are probably thinking, "Why can't your son clean his own house?"  Well, he opened his home to family, he worked for a billion hours on Friday and Saturday and had limited time with the family so today I did my motherly and that was clean.  I even fixed his dryer.  Not fixed, per se, but there was some serious lint buildup that needed to get out.

The RV was pretty much clean, just had to fold all the blankets and put the couch back together as a couch and not a lovely bed and then vacuum.

Tomorrow....STITCHING!  200 stitches on each of my UXS projects:  Thordak, Pirate Ship and BAM!  Stay tuned for that.

If you didn't participate in IHSW this weekend, but like me spent time with family, that's good too.  I still feel it's important to still have your stitching time, but this weekend was worth missing a bit of hermitting.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Well that's what it's supposed to be, but for me it's family weekend and one night in and I'm beat already!

One of my nieces wrestles as does one of my nephews.  So far today the niece has been beaten out of the tournament and my nephew hasn't even wrestled yet.  I'm hoping they don't have to stay until 9pm tonight, but if they do it's because my nephew is winning in his weight class.

It's a sunny, beautiful Saturday and one niece and one nephew are going to the movies with me.

I hope that you all are stitching for me since I am unable!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness for March

It's time for some Gifted Gorgeousness hosted by Jo!  I'm a little excited since I have some stitching done on a few pretty things for a few people!  When I decided to stitch a bit on everything I have for my #Stitch9Challenge to put time on my Timesheet was wonderful to touch everything!

As you know, I set aside Odd Clover because it was making me unhappy, but I had stitched a bit on it after the last Gifted Gorgeousness post so I'll go ahead and share that here.  This is for my baby bird who wants this attached to the back of her vest as a patch.  It's so pretty so far!

While I was touching all of my #Stitch9Challege pieces, I stitched a flower on Tapestry by Ink Circles which is a gift for my lifetime BFF.

Stitched that flower on the left side there.  I am still debating whether or not I should make a second one so we have matching Tapestries since I really love stitching this one.

Next up we have something I've been waiting to start for a year or so!  Cute Angel Mermaid, now renamed Blue Angel Mermaid (BAM) by my brother who this is for.  I have one page finish so far and the start of another.

I seriously LOVE BAM and really want to go to town on it, but I'm rotating.  Still, this will get lots of love for the rest of the month and after.

My sister and her two live crew will be arriving tonight and I couldn't be more excited!  I haven't seen her since the family reunion at Pismo Beach, CA in 2017 and she's only 7.5 hours away by car...we both question why that's a problem, but we both know that work and money play a huge part in both of our lives.  Still, with a wrestling tournament in Denver and my son and I offering free room and board, we get some much needed sister time!  

I think that qualifies for Gifted Gorgeousness as well!  The gift of sisterhood.  I'm beside myself with excitement.

I hope everyone has a fabulous International Hermit Stitch Weekend.  I don't think I'll have time unless I can squeeze in a minute OR (if I'm lucky) teach one of my nieces how to stitch.  If you are catching any of that junky weather, stay warm and safe!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Combat Cleaning

My sister and her clan are coming to visit so I spent today combat cleaning my RV.  My son made fun of me saying things like "yeah, it was looking like a homeless person lived here" and "I was worried you were becoming a hoarder".

With limited space, it's just easier to have things at hand...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  Everything is put away and it's strangely empty looking.  Just don't open any cupboard doors...they might explode.

Now I'm too tired to stitch which makes me sad, but the cleaning up is worth it as tomorrow my sister will be here!  Pretty sure the clan will all stay in my son's house, but just in case, I have everything ready.

It's been awhile since I've shared pictures of my RV, and since I'm proud of the putting things you go!

Standing at the doorway you can pretty much see everything, dining area, kitchen, livingroom, and a smidge of the desk area.

The desk area which is technically my craft room.  It's strange to see the counter tops!  And finally a shot of the kitchen. 

The large counter top where the kettle is, this is the space I put my cutting mat and cut fabric.  It's great that each space is multi-functional.  Usually the sewing machine is on the dining table, but since I may need the table while the family is here it had to be cleaned off.

This part of the RV took many hours to organize and put things away.  Normally it might take an hour to clean the RV, but not today...HOURS.  It's kind of uncomfortable not having my exploded craft room everywhere!  

I hope everyone is safe and if the storm that just raged through here is coming towards you please be safe!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Just a Little Wind and Snow

This morning was 38 F and raining with some wind.  Not too bad.  Suddenly a 10 degree temp drop and the wind is howling and I have no idea what's happening outside because I am snug in my RV,  blind down and curtains drawn, rocking side to side as the wind blows.

So yeah, this is happening now.  Hopefully this is the last of horrible winter weather for everyone!  

I tried to look out the window to have a peek and here's what I got:

So the rain had suddenly frozen on the window and the snow is sticking to that.  It made me laugh, I mean, one expects to be able to see out of one's windows and there's ice interfering.  It's funny to me.  There was a little area of window I could see through...

That black fence on the other side of the white not road is actually the football field for the high school...which is closed today thank goodness.    I haven't heard a truck or car go by all day! Confidence is high that the shops in town are closed.

Now that you have today's events, here was yesterday's after I did my stitch 100 stuff. 

The Mamluk SAL part 3 pattern was going to be posted yesterday and I had just informed Galdra (Magical) that I was going to lay around on the couch and maybe have a nap while I waited for the hour and 19 minutes to pass so I could stitch that one up.

Right after I get settled and am figuring out whether I want to watch a movie or something I get a ding on my com alerting me that someone has sent me a message.  It was Magical.  She had no picture of the March Mamluk part 3.  

I say "gimme" and she does and I whip out the next section and take a picture for her blog. Happy to help and save the day!

As I said yesterday I was going to stitch on Weaver's Bird SAL, but ended up doing something else and for the life of me cannot remember what I was doing.  I think I was cleaning more, which explains why I cannot remember!  Who wants to remember doing chores? (shudder)

One thing I did notice yesterday was the garbage truck in the alley.  I heard them.  I saw them.  I asked myself why they were picking up trash on Friday?

Yeah, I know.  Yesterday was TUESDAY which is the normal trash pick up day.  But yesterday, when I saw the garbage truck, it was Friday.  In my mind.  For, like, five minutes.  And I didn't even question myself.  

I think it's just safer if I stay inside my RV today.  I think there are some classic movies I should be watching, with nap included and then maybe some stitching.  We shall see.

If this storm has already run over you, is running over you now or is headed your way, I hope you are safe where you are!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tanks and Chores

Yesterday was super warm at 54 F.  I figured it was a great time to empty the tanks in my RV.  Hooked everything up and started the Flo-jet to do it's duty and started the other chore of picking up the dog poop.  It's easy when it's mostly frozen on the ground.

After doing the super clean on my black tank, I finally was able to put everything away and come inside to do dishes and sweep the floor.

All of this had to be done because we are expecting snow tomorrow with a temperature drop again.  I'm not looking forward to that, but fortunately the temps will rise again.  Here's hoping we have warmer weather from here on out. Also, my sister may come for a visit this weekend with half of her kidlets...she has many children so this will be fun!

No sewing or stitching yesterday, so this morning I decided to stitch my 100 stitches on each of my UXS projects.  Today is also the day for Part 3 of the Mamluk SAL and I thought that after that I'd get Part 3 of the Weaver's Bird SAL finished tonight.

So here we have the three projects for UXS March Stitch A Thon for the 100 stitches week:

Fire and Ember was easy since I'm currently working on that page finish.  Then I grabbed up the Pirate Ship and put in 100 on that which was fun since more of the bow and hull are filled in.

Finally, BAM now has 100 stitches on the next page...the page with the EYE!  Can't wait to get to the eye!

Tomorrow I'll show off Mamluk and hopefully Weaver's Bird SAL part 3.  I love when one day sees so much progress.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sumptuous Sunday

Today is the Fully Finish Gallery 2019 post!  I have to thank Gracie over at Needles, pins and Dragonflies for the motivation to FFO something.  I read her blog post yesterday about her feeling frustrated because she wants to stitch and do crafty things but her hand is still giving her grief after her surgery.  That along with being busy doing all the things other than stitching had my heart going out to her.  I vowed to do the crafting for her.  I hope she's proud of what I have accomplished.

The finished stitched piece was from the December 2006 The Cross Stitcher Magazine and is called Snowman Tree by Imaginating.  I began stitching this piece on December 8, 2013 and blogged about this being a self induced Christmas Challenge.  Sadly the pictures from those posts in 2013 and 2014 were dumped by Google at some point for reasons unknown to me, but eventually I will have all pictures put back.  

So, there I was yesterday, standing in my livingroom thinking, "What should I do today to put some light in Gracie's day?"  I looked over at my basket of stuff that needs to be FFO'd and grabbed the bag on top, which was the Snowman Tree.  

The fabric is old and it's been in the bag with the stitched piece since January or so of 2014.  I am so in-love with this!  

The light bulbs and snowflakes are beaded for extra bling.  It's nice that years later I can stand back and still appreciate something I've stitched.  Every time I look at it I clap my hands and smile like a lunatic.

It being Saturday yesterday, I hadn't planned on making any project bags.  This was for Gracie after all, so make them I did.  Grabbed up the Route 66 pre-cut fabric and we have fun bags for travel!

These will get posted in my Etsy shop later today.  I want to keep them!  I have driven Route 66 end to end  several times in my life.  If these project bags dredge up fond memories of those family road trips, may I recommend that you have one for yourself?

Once done with these I felt compelled to sit down and get some stitching done on Thordak just so there would be some stitching in the mix.

Finished stitching all the black on this page and my Timesheet app is showing a lovely pie now.  Of course, now I have to fill in the lava, but going from black to bright yellow doesn't hurt my feelings at all!

Today is also Floss Tube day which I'll be doing later and everything is set up and ready to be shown.  Since today was Spring Forward on the clock (why are we still doing this??) naturally I woke up early and have to wait for full daylight to make my video which is why there is no video in this post today.  Check it out later this afternoon and hopefully it will be posted on YouTube.

A glorious start to the day so far!  It is my greatest hope that today be full of love and stitching for everyone.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Things

Took Lucy to get her hair and nails done today and since I had two hours to kill I finally went into the sewing shop, Sew Downtown, in the same strip mall.

All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!  There were pretty quilts hanging on the walls, patterns and finished pieces all over the place........and much fabric.

Each aisle was full of potential.  1920's small prints, cabin in the woods flannel, a beautiful array of Batiks...

...all in fabric type order and then according to color.  I was blown away and wished I had money to spend as there were MANY fabrics that should come home with me.

Did I mention the smell?  That smell of fresh fabric?  Granted, I do spend quite a bit of time at Joann's, but to find such a cute store like this was a definite cherry on top of my day.

I will be going back there again with money in hand next time.  The shop is owned by a mother and daughter duo.  They also sell sewing machines and the BEST part is you get to test drive every machine before you purchase.

When Lucy was ready to be picked up she desperately wanted to show off her St. Patty's Day scarf.

Lucy is so incredibly soft!  I have no idea what product was used on her but the softness was wonderful.  Her nails are lovely as well.  I've explained to her that she is a dog, not a velociraptor and should have her talons trimmed.  She agreed, but begrudgingly...I am not one to spoil someone's dream of being whatever they want to be, but the talons had to go....cannot believe how fast they grow!

I hope your day was beautiful and full of love.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

It's Thursday!

Even though two naps happened with an early to bed situation, I did manage to sew up two project bags, get a page finish and do the 10 stitches on another project.  Pretty proud of all that.

First up are two project bags.  Even though I woke up at 4:00 am yesterday morning, all I could make were two.  I really thought I could make more, but two was it.

These are now in my Etsy shop for your viewing pleasure.  There are three more to make with this fabric and then on to the next!!  I still have Route 66, a couple of Mary's Disco Bags, some colorful bubbly watercolor, Sunflowers,  a whole mess of Halloween and a few much left to do!  Hoping my Sullivan's order gets here since I will be needing those black zippers soon.

After nap #1, I started filling in on BAM with the last two colors, got tired and went for nap #2.  Keep in mind, I am very active while sewing, there's up, there's down, there's walking here and there, and then Lucy, so it's not like I'm a blob laying around in case you were wondering about the being tired...just remnants of being frozen.

Last night I did finish page one of BAM while on the phone with my brother.  He was more excited than I was, ha, ha.  

Dang that looks so cool!  So, this blue line is the top of the mermaids head right before the waterline.  The next page has an eye and I can't wait!  

Next up is THORDAK THE CINDER KING! (actually known as Fire and Ember).  For those of you who do not know the story:

In July 2016 the Fire and Ember SAL started and at that same time Vox Machina (Critical Role) was battling it out with the Chroma Conclave...the most powerful dragon in the Chroma Conclave was Thordak the Cinder King.  From the description and the artwork that followed, Fire and Ember filled that perfectly.  Granted, Thordak was destroyed by Vox Machina...but I don't believe felt like a loose end that wasn't followed through completely....which is fine by me because as I stitch Thordak, so shall he come back to life and avenge himself on Vox Machina for destroying the eggs he was protecting......I mean, it could happen, right?  Even though that game is over....the story is still there....and besides, those dragons were forced into being evil and band together sort of and enslave people to do their bidding...I digress...

Anywho, I threw Thordak into the hoop and stitched my 10 so I could put that in the UXS stitch a thon since it is a UXS pattern and because trash talking alone doesn't always do the must show how one is so much more powerful than other stitchers by not stitching one, or two but three pieces during the month of March and the UXS Stitch a Thon...or I'm just going overboard, tee hee.

This is another one of those pieces that I love stitching on and wish it wouldn't end.  Luckily I have 12 pages left so it will be awhile before I finish.  I just love the colors.  Rotating  BAM, Thordak and the Pirate Ship this month should see some progress on all three.

It's nice when you love what you are stitching, isn't it?

Have a beautiful day, have some cake (or brownies if you are Katie) and do something nice for yourself today.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Hosted by Daffycat, this fun not quite a SAL is all about ORTs (old ratty threads).  It is my favorite not quite a SAL because it reminds me of all that I have done (or haven't done) since last month's post.

After last month's post, I started my cutting all the fabric to make project bags project.  Fabric was cut, batting was cut, vinyl was cut and now the sewing is ongoing as I make anywhere from two to four project bags a day (Monday through Friday) and post them to my Etsy shop.  Since I don't have a contract right now I have the time and hope to make a little money to survive on until the next contract.

I had to smash this down twice to get everything to stay.  All the trimmings from everything I've cut and squared since starting the project.  There is so much in that bowl it's ridiculous. 

The MOM bowl by my sewing machine has so much stuff in it I'm surprised!  I don't think it's ever been this full!  I figure next month's post will show a much fuller bowl and hopefully I'll be done with the Project Bag Project.

And finally, my most wonderful ORT Jar.....

Sadly, that fluff on top is the ripping I did on BAM, which ended up being kind of a mute point since I changed fabric out due to a Sharpie marker incident....water under the bridge there....but gosh, Weaver's Bird SAL is in there, Ornament of the Month, 25 x 25, Poppy Project, Tapestry....quite a few bits of everything.  

There you have it!  All of the ORTs for this Totally Useless SAL!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Back to Work

Because yesterday was all about being frozen, I only did 10 stitches so I could post before and after pictures for the UXS stitch a thon.  It was all I could do to stay awake for just those 10 stitches and went back to bed.

Got some good sleep, still feel a little beat up but managed to sew up 4 more project bags.  I'm pretty proud of myself and now get to spend the rest of the day stitching.

These project bags are beautiful!  I'll get them up in my Etsy shop in a few minutes, but first I'd like to "test" the zippers and hug know, like, do a quality check and stuff  :giggle: 

Here's hoping I can get back on track with a page finish tonight and start on THORDAK THE CINDER KING for a page finish by Thursday and then on to the Pirate Ship....but then Weaver's Bird SAL pattern 3 is out today so I may have to squeeze that one in at some point.

Please be safe and warm and remember that even though the thermostat says minus 12, what that really means is "go somewhere warm".

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Monday, March 4, 2019

So Frozen

It is now 1:54 pm.  My adventure started at 1:00 am.  Here is what happened:

1:00 am I am awakened by coldness. Get out of bed, turn on heater and realize the power is off which is why my electric heaters aren't heating, hence it being cold.

It is minus 12 F.

The power comes on, goes off, comes on, goes off...for about 15 minutes. Finally stays on.  My 5th wheel is now cold and getting colder.  I wait until the power has stabilized and try lighting to burner on my stove to make sure I have propane.  Ignition! and all is well.  Turn on heater again.  Five minutes later it shuts off and I can still see my breath.  Light stove burner again, seems fine, turn on heater, goes off after five minutes of blowing very cold air around.

Put on frozen boots, gloves, hat and stuff and grab mini light and tromp outside.  Unhook the propane tank, struggle inserting the full propane tank, hook everything up.  Holding flashlight in my mouth, lips freeze to flashlight.  The dial is showing the tank as empty but I know this isn't true.  Close valve, unhook hose, give it a swirl and nothing is swirling.  Go through list of things to do to make the propane flow.  Vent propane lines by leaving burner on.  Turn burner off after 10 minutes, no propane in lines, no air either.

By now it is 5:14 am.  My toes hurt, my hands hurt, I can't feel my face and I think my thighs are frozen.  Go back into RV which might be about 30 F.  Electric heaters are trying their darnedest to heat, but losing the battle against the now minus 11 F.  I post on Facebook, I try and call my brother, I send a message to my son, no one is answering.  I text my father.  It is now 6:07 am.  My father says pour hot water on the tank and nozzle.  I boil water and do that but the water is freezing before it can do any good.  I believe that it was colder than what is posted online, seriously, this is stupid and I can't take it anymore.

I go into my son's house where it is warm, but the warmth hurts because I have a little bit of exposure going on now.  I'm so cold my body won't shiver.  I lay down on the couch to wait for my body to ignite like my heater was supposed to.

My son gets out of bed and we chat while he gets ready for work.  He pulls the frozen propane tank and brings it in the house to thaw out.  I figured I'd be warm again when the tank was thawed.  It feels like electric shocks running the length of my body as it warms up shoving the cold out through my toes.  After my son leaves for work, I get in the big recliner and sweet Lucy is right on me, helping out with her amazing dog heat.  That helped so much.

1:00 pm and I'm warm, but having muscle cramps and my joints are on fire.  I check the tank and it's fine, sounds a little slushy but that's okay.  Take it outside and hook it back up, check the burner which fires right up and then turn on the heater which also gave me the lovely WHOOMF sound when it ignites.  All is right with the RV for now.

My body is still unhappy.  I have the shakes.  Muscle cramps.  Cannot take a hot shower until things settle down.  Exhausted.  Parts of my body are doing weird shiver, electric things.  

I remember back about 25 years ago I did the annual "walk to the Irish bar" thing with my buddies the Five Drunken Irishmen (we were a gang ha ha) and it was 25 below that night.  We walked three miles and the only part of me that was disturbingly cold were the front of my thighs.  But then, that was 25 years ago. 

One bit of happiness in all of this is how far I managed to stitch the first page of BAM (Cute Angel Mermaid renamed Blue Angel Mermaid by my brother).  It is so wonderful.  I keep looking at it and remembering today I have to post before and after 10 stitches.  

Is that beautiful or what?  There are only two colors left on this page so the fill in will be easy I hope.  I'll probably stitch again this evening after the nap has happened.  By then I shouldn't hurt and should feel good enough to shower.  In case you didn't know;  when you have exposure or any kind of hypothermia, it's best to warm up naturally or have people or dogs share body heat.  Showering or having a hot bath will force the cold out of the muscles towards the bones.  That is not okay.  It's bad for you and leads to cooling your core as well...things tend to shut down when they get too cold.  Let your body do what it does naturally, or with a little help from furry friends or human friends/family.  

Also, the fastest way to help the muscle cramps to stop is to take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar for a quick bit of potassium to the system.  Apparently I need two shots.  I'm still cramping.  

After living in Alaska for so long, guess I learned something living in the cold north, ha, ha.

I really mean it when I say stay safe and warm....seriously...not everyone is the Ice Queen like me.  Hug someone you love today and share a little body heat.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!