Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Obsessive Knitting?

Last time I was here bleating about what's new I shared the story of the washcloths, how they were wearing out and how I was making more.

There I was knitting away happily when the video chat with my siblings happened and next thing I know they all want wash cloths.  This makes me very happy as I really want to use all of the cotton I have to get it out of the yarn know the joke about the yarn stash that reproduces while you aren't looking and next thing you know there's a major motion picture about THE THING eating everyone and everything and the world ends in a vast explosion in an attempt to eradicate it from the planet?  That's how I feel about my yarn and want to get what I have made into the things it was meant for...........or die trying! 

A cone of cotton was a brilliant and inexpensive way to make washcloths.  I am guesstimating that a cone could make approximately 18 6"x 6" washcloths.  Each ball can make 4.  From the cone I made three terrible things that have since been banished to the garage for other uses, one too large cloth and 9 perfect ones with one being made on the needles currently with enough cotton left to make one last one.  By the time I'm finished with all of my balls of cotton I should have about 35 perfect washcloths.  

By now you are wondering if I have lost my mind......why yes I have!  I just cannot stop knitting them!  Not one, but all three siblings want some so why not?!  I swear they are my biggest fans of all the crafty things I do and if they want washcloths, then washcloths they will get.

My little ORT jar cannot handle the bits at this point, so that needs to be emptied tonight.  It will be full again in no time with all that's left to make.  Cannot wait to send them out.

Because it's January 15th, I have gathered the necessary items together for my model stitching for the 2020 NFSAL.  For those of you new to me or need a little updating:  I came up with the idea for the Neglected Floss Stitch Along a few years ago and asked my friend Galdra if she would design the patterns.  We first posted this on the first of every month on DeviantArt for our Stitching Pirates and Galdra has since been posting the patterns on her blog and now for her Facebook Group.  I handed it all over to her since she is amazing at keeping it all organized on her blog and I was taking that needed break from the world of internet, besides, she really has been designing her butt off for this and does deserve the credit here for her beautiful patterns.

Fast forward to November 2019 where the first post for the 2020 NFSAL went live with borders for each monthly pattern.  I have chosen the blues and will be using Sullivan's and Kreinik (hopefully).  Some of the patterns have the potential for some fun with beads, but mostly just pretty Kreinik for that bling.

After some discussion of color matching Kreinik to the Sullivan's and also using a conversion chart, the challenge is on!

I cannot share any more than this with you as the first pattern will not be released until January 24th.  I will be sharing my finished pictures with Galdra who will use them in her blog and after that I'll share them here and on the Facebook Group Magical's SAL's.  If you haven't joined yet, please do!  I'm the silent, lurking admin, but it shouldn't take long to get you into the group once you click join.  All patterns that Galdra creates are free.  She has many wonderful SALs in her group you may have to either join them all or pick one or two.

I did splurge on some needleminders I've had in my favs list on Etsy for quite some time.  The only reason I did the splurge is, believe it or not, I won $50 on the Colorado Lottery and felt I needed to do a little something to celebrate.

I have shared this on Instagram (@Akazaus if you are interested in following) and how could I resist nouveaux mermaids and had to have the set.  For some reason Denkai creates these light, wooden minders in sets and picking just one is too's the set or death!!  Her packaging is always a treat with the added candy and surprise minder.  

As is my new habit, my blogs have become ridiculously long winded........not apologizing since there's a pinch of good stuff in there somewhere.  I imagine it's the pictures and not the writing, ha, ha.

For now I'll share my latest fun with Lucy.  My son has been out of town for two weeks, will be back this weekend for two days and then gone again for another week which means it's Lucy with me all the time.  We are old ladies and do old lady of which is keeping warm in the chair together while I knit.

Serious love for the Lucy!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. Fun post Carla. I have knit dish clothes in the past but my hands don't like to know anymore. I do love to crochet. I need to crochet some more for me. Looking forward to your new projects.


    1. Thanks Linda! I do have some leaflets on crochet washclothes which I have tried and they turned out to be more like hot pads hhaa!

  2. Yeah another picture of Lucy. She's adorable. Glad to hear you are enjoying your knitting. They all look great. Love your new needle minders.

    1. I can hardly stand her cuteness sometimes! She squints at me, does kawaii eyes at me, just looks adorable and always has a wagging tail! She's amazing :D

  3. Great job with all the washcloths! They seem to knit up quickly so I'm sure you'll get your yarn stash down a bit soon. I'm really looking forward to seeing your version of the NFSAL as well.

    1. I'm excited too. It's coming together nicely and although I wasn't able to use the Kreinik in the borders, we shall see about the patterns themselves!