Friday, July 10, 2020

Okay, yes. I've been offline.

Since I've last posted, here are a few things that have happened:

I've been promoted at work again. Can't help that, I'm a leader and a good one :D

I've come down with the "sickness" during this crazy covid  thing :(

Wearing masks and gloves at work sucks :(

Dealing with crabby, entitled idiots is a strain on my soul :(

My future daughter-in-law is so very wonderful :D

My children are all successful and healthy and for that I'm completely grateful :D

For my birthday I will have my daughters visiting :D

I have a four day, three night stay in Vegas for $100 which I'll do next year :D

Oh, I was promoted again...........yeah it happened for real and I can now move wherever I want to in the country with my beloved RV :D

I have not stitched a stitch in a few weeks :(

I have a plan to remodel my RV :D

Life is good :D

I really hope that for everyone reading this, you are safe, healthy and staying positive.  Don't let the sheep and rotten press get you down!

Until next time......Keep on Stitchin'! (even if I have no time to do so, I fully expect you all to pick up the slack!)  So much love to you all.


  1. The blog is alive! I'm glad things are being good for you, but really hope there will be some stitching soon <3

    1. As you know, the stitching still hasn't happened :( Crochet has tho so that's a plus!