Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Two Page Finishes

Sunday afternoon I finished the page of Blue Mermaid.  It was my hope to finish prior to the 7 pm start of the contest and it happened....just like that.

Proud of myself, I celebrated for a moment and then prepared Thordak for the 7 pm start. There were already 656 stitches done on the page I had been working on during the last competition.  It was nice to give myself a little boost of morale!

Something I had noticed yesterday was the color difference between the second page stitched (2016) and the page being stitched now.  It was disconcerting and I thought I had used the wrong floss.  Some inspection later revealed this fading on other old stitched parts to be faded as well.  That was a relief as I thought I had to rip 656 tiny stitches.  

This project has always been in a project bag and nowhere near the sun or any burning light source.  The fading makes no sense.  Once this competition is over, I'm going to stitch two swatches using the same color for DMC and Sullivan's and compare the fading over time.

If you look closely you can see the color difference for 839 and 154. Obvious fading on the older stitched pages.  I'm sure once I've finished, washed and ironed dry this piece it will not be so obvious and given time it will all eventually look the same.  It does bother me a tiny bit, but I'll get over it some day.

I did fill out the paperwork for a little job at the local Dollar General here in my little town.  The background check is what will take time to get done, so no working until that's completed.  Being from the Country of Alaska, this could take a minute or a very long time depending on whether or not the security personnel who do the check believe that Alaska is actually the 49th state of America.  It always shocks me how many people still don't believe Alaska is an actual state!  I'm fine with it as many Canadian's claim me as theirs and that's fine by me.  I love my Canadians and Canada.

An even happier note for you all;  Sunday breakfast with my son, I explained the situation with my beloved ORT jar.  He doesn't like Gin, even Sapphire Gin, so buying a bottle with the booze was not an option.  He then got on his phone, found an empty for a few bucks.  Total price of empty bottle with shipping:  $11.00.  He gets the good son award again this week.

I'm actually liking my new little one, but miss the big blue.  Luckily that will be fixed in a few days time. Let's hope my glass cutting skills haven't been lost due to lack of practice.

Back to stitching I go........only 1344 stitches in and there's no time to get lazy or overly confident.  Those quiet stitchers are the ones to look out for as they are very sneaking with their stitching and end up stitching more than I could.

I hope everyone is well, healthy and happy!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. Good luck with your challenge. Glad you are getting the jar you liked so much. Congrats on a page finish of Blue Mermaid. I bet the fading you see will fade haha. No seriously. I've noticed that before with thread that has aged vs new thread.

    1. haha, hopefully the fading will fade! Maybe after it's finished some time in the sunshine will fix that.

  2. Good news about the jar, but not so good news about the potential colour difference. Hopefully in time the line between the two will become less obvious. :)

  3. Awesome progress with two page finishes (and I know you did way more by the end of the stitchathon). Yay for a new ORT jar!

  4. I hope all the colours end up turning out the way they should, at least you didn't have to frog any of them! How did the challenge go?
    What a sweet son to come to your rescue with a new jar!
    Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the job. I loved Alaska when we went several years ago. I'm looking forward to going back, I'm just not sure when that will be.

    1. More on the jar in my next blog! I highly recommend going to Alaska as often as you can :D Too much to see!