Sunday, September 6, 2015

June, July and July WIPocalypse

I'm not bothered in the least that I have missed monthly postings for WIPocalypse....not one little bit...or maybe a tiny bit, but not really.  Fortunately I can do what I'm doing now and can take some time to consider each month's question without the rush of being timely?

Who am I kidding?  It DOES bother me....just a little.  It's like have a weird kind of SAL UFO hidden away in shame!  That might be a little overboard, but today I will definitely have fun fixing that situation.

June WIPocalypse question:

"Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?"

I'm thinking that depends on the year.  Once year I stitched more during the summer and less in the winter, but I believe that was due to bronchial pneumonia more than anything else.  Usually I'd have to say I definitely get more done during the deepest part of winter.  Snugly tucked away in my NCC is the best thing to be doing mid-winter when the cold snap hits. 

First July WIPocalypse question:

"Reality or fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or abstract?"(this question comes to us via Jo)

I like this question very much and have considered it carefully.  It seems I prefer fantasy or some form of creative stitching over reality.  Taking someone's photograph and stitching that up has never appealed to me even though I have been asked to do so.  There is only one picture of a person that I will stitch and when it's time to do that one, you will see why it will be the only one.

I can go either way on the figures or abstract.  Both are equally exciting when you have a great pattern to work with.  I'm currently stitching up Merida, a figure, and I own some pretty nifty patterns by Ink Circles which isn't quite abstract, but you see what I mean, right?

Second July WIPocalypse question:

"What makes you pick up a long abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece?" (This question comes to us via Paula)

Guilt.  I have one (Celtic Goddess) that I started in 2009, then picked it up again in 2013 and restarted and now it's on my Turtle Trot list for this year and will probably be on next year's as well!  I have a second one also from 2009 (COSMOS) that finally has some stitches in it this year and is also on my Turtle Trot list so both will have some love this year....I hope.  They are currently languishing in my to-do basket once again....oh the sadness! (and the guilt)  The reason these are guilt ridden is because both were intended for others.  They will get done! (someday)

And there it is!  I really love the WIPocalypse SAL questions.  They always get me thinking about why I do whatever it is do.

Until next time...Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Great answers! Hopefully, you'll get some good stitching in this fall/winter as well ^_^

    1. I feel that NEED surging as we speak! The seasons are changing and the urge to hibernate and stitch is coming on strong :D

  2. Ha, I keep forgetting about that WIPocalypse and find it hilarious that you went ahead and caught up with the questions!

    1. haha! I love the questions! And it only seemed right to do a little catch up :D

  3. Great answers! I noticed that a lot of stitchers answered the same thing for June and the second July questions.

    1. Right? It does seem that winter is THE time to stitch since summer is so full of travel and outdoors