Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Little Something About the Reunion

When you aren’t around your family, haven’t spoken to most of them in years and honestly do not remember the rest right off hand… know it’s time to go home and see everyone.  Many people do this and most don’t realize what they are missing out on because they don’t go home.

Sadly, I had not gone home in a really, really, really looooooong time.  Cousins were making more cousins who also made more cousins, people had passed away, and life experiences were happening that cannot possibly be relayed via Facebook.  Keeping a tenuous connection like this was not good enough. 

Time to go home and see the family.

My Grandma and her sisters created the Seven Sister’s Reunion way back when and would periodically get together and get a reunion going.  I’m sure you can glean from the title of Seven Sisters that there were seven.  My Grandma is the middle child, seriously…right in the middle!  No wonder the number 4 is so awesome!

My cousin Gene told me about the plans for a reunion, the event was created and hesitant venue was discussed.  A few months later, the date changed as had the venue. My Aunt Becky (it turns out) was “informed” by Grandma that she would be running the show.

 I’d like to say right up front that Becky is a ROCK STAR!  Between her and Aunt Carol and my sister and my cousin Melissa and everyone else who chipped in and ran errands and did all the things required….a wonderful event took place.  Those sweet women I am proud to be related to deserve a few days at the spa and more hugs than I gave them.

The first day of the reunion dawned hot, overcast and hot.  My brother and his family picked me up and off we drove to Bosque Farms Community Center.

As we are driving along the highway I notice the patchwork quilt fields, dirt roads, old shacks and that one store we used to drive up to the window and get milk and bread….I was instantly hit with the realization that for YEARS, I had been having this recurring dream about driving those dirt roads looking for something.  I pondered this revelation and realized that in that recurring dream, I was always looking for a “home”, somewhere to live.

One could argue that you could “live” anywhere and that argument IS valid.  Another argument is that one could make a “home” anywhere and that too would be valid (home is where the heart is after all).  But we all know there is no place like home and coming back to my past was a mind blower.   Speeding along the highway and seeing my “dream” made real and realizing I had missed it terribly and wondering if my subconscious had been telling me for an eternity to come home once in a while, my nephew then decided he was going to NOT be King of the World and be crabby instead… more reflection time for me…time to ooze love at my youngest nephew.

We arrived at the community center (both my Granddaddy and my Dad had contributed to its existence…more family info for you and stuff I had forgotten but was reminded of while there), and as per usual, my nephew must spend as much time as possible digging all of his toys out of the car and thereby delay my brother and his lovely woman from doing whatever it is they were going to do…in this case, attend the reunion. 

Not much for me to do there, so I headed on in……..

One moment I was opening the door to enter and the next moment I am being hugged and cried on and crying on and hugging EVERYONE!  Grandma somehow managed to push her way to the front and I found I could not let her go!  The most incredible woman on the planet (who just happens to be 92) right here and I was greedy for her hugs above all others.  If there were any doubts about how my family felt about me, those doubts were squashed under a landslide of love. 

During the two days the reunion went on I learned some things about my family….”Water under the bridge” is the most used phrase, “love each other” is another well used phrase and “THERE IS PLENTY OF FOOD LEFT SO DON’T BE SHY AND COME AND EAT”… that I think about it, that may have been the most used phrase…all meals were home cooked and delicious…
seriously…I have missed my people (my sister’s Enchilada Casserole…red or green….is always a good decision).

I really do have so much to say about this reunion, but the most important thing I need to point out…because I had my camera and took as many pictures and videos as I could, it was difficult not to notice that no matter who was speaking to whom, the love and caring and respect that was shared between two people or several in a group was undeniable.  It was the most incredible feeling.  We were safe and together and that is what matters the most.  For two days WE were WE and it was a blessing.

Even now, a months later, as I write about this tiny bit of that two day experience, I cry tears of joy and feel my tank re-filling because I am completely confident that there are people who LOVE me and will always welcome me.  Everyone should know that I feel the same towards them and hugs are free for the taking…..and I have a guest room…..just sayin’.

I would have put pictures in this blog posting, but it really was too difficult to chose the best ones as they are ALL so wonderful, but my most favorite is my Grandma telling a story which I will share with you now:

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Aww I'm glad to hear you had such a good time. My home is where my family is a few states away because they're my heart.

  2. You had such a wonderful time, and Grandma sounds awesome.

    1. I happily share my Grandma...she IS awesome! As I informed my siblings and cousins...she is MY grandma because I literally had her first and am literally first born of her grandchildren :D

  3. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, I know you where in dire need of them love oozing all over you :) Having such a large and caring family must be really awesome ^_^

    1. Thank you, I really did have such a wonderful time that words could never convey how I feel now. It is incredible to have spent that time with them! Large or small, family in general should be cherished.