Monday, April 19, 2010

Celtic Peacock Completed

Yes, here it is. The Celtic Peacock in a very finished format. I have included the backside as well for "inspection". Many people who have been cross stitching for a very long time will always try and take a peek at the backside to see how perfect the piece really is. It sounds awful, but is all part of this particular craft. Similar to giving a crochet or knitted scarf with multiple yarns used, the more experienced person will "inspect" the finished scarf looking to see how the person giving the scarf did with changing colors. No easy feat and not very easy to hide if done incorrectly.

You see, by watching someone "inspect" your latest creation you are, in fact, being given a compliment. If the person has no immediate reaction and is actually viewing the piece completely and then saying, "This is very nicely done", you can be sure that you did a fantastic job of it and the other is very pleased. Sometimes messy backsides cannot be helped, but a messy backside that is disorganized, knotted and tangled....well, if you have had that you know what I mean. We swear no one will ever see it but there is always SOMEONE who happens upon that one piece and says something goofy about the backside, ha, ha.

Now that this is finished I will be making the progression video. It will be posted here and on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time..... happy stitching!

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