Sunday, March 21, 2010


For quite some time I have felt sad, lethargic....sort of like I had a nasty case of ennui but a little lower than that. I would go to work, but when I came home all I "felt" like doing was laying on the couch watching something completely stupid. Housework didn't get done, no lovely crafts were being done and I really felt useless.

One day it occurred to me that I was wasting so much great time and I needed to re-boot my brain. Instead of thinking about work after work, I would do my wonderful crafts. Instead of thinking about work while at work, I would think about my wonderful crafts.

The change has been monumental (get it? monu-MENTAL???? Sorry, I thought it was funny). In the passed few weeks I have not only been VERY busy with my cross stitch, I have drawn a knotwork piece (a quick thing due to a time constraint), finally figured out how to double crochet....have no idea why I didn't get it before it's totally easy, cleaned up my home office, re-arranged my bedroom, FINALLY put all my crafty stuff and important papers in the plastic tubs I bought 6 months ago, placed all of my almost finished projects on the top shelf of my shelving unit so I can tackle them one by one AND managed to save OVER $2,000!

How is this possible you ask? I'll tell you! When one is terribly busy doing crafts and feeling great about doing what we love, spending money on frivolous things doesn't happen. Also, The Secret, which has been a wonderful tool in helping with positive thought has a saying in it that is, "Money comes easily and frequently". When I tell others at work this phrase they sarcastically respond with, "Yeah, every Friday like clockwork". Well, they can stuff their sarcasm and gloom and despair. I've managed to do very well for myself in just a few short weeks all because of one little EXECUTIVE DECISION!

I came up with the EXECUTIVE DECISION a few years ago when I found I couldn't stay on track or attain certain goals. Life has a way of bombarding you with left turns and it becomes almost impossible to stay on the right path that goes to the goal or main objective. Instead of looking at the BIG PICTURE, I just look at some little things that are bothersome. Ignoring little things does not make it all go away so one really does have to decide what to do. This can apply to big things as well, but the idea is the same either way. Once the decision is made, do not deviate from it, it's a done deal. You know this to be true anyway.

So, having decided that work is not what is most important to me and I only have to endure that eight hours a day five days a week, why am I so worried about it? Why have I allowed it to take over my mind this way? There is no reason so we turn the brain around and look at the things that make us feel good. Reading, cross stitch, crochet, knitting, quilting, drawing and so on. Then we ask ourselves why we aren't doing the things that make us smile just thinking about them. All I could answer was "duh, I don't know really". So that was that and now everything is so much better. My work performance has improved as well!

I'm thinking it's like a mental feng shui. Clean out the center most part of your brain and the rest will follow. So true.

I hope this helps someone along the way. I never know who has come across my quiet little blog here or if anyone ever does and that is fine by me. I think that IF someone came across this quite by accident and read today's posting and GREAT THINGS happened to them, it is all worth while.

The next posting will have the finished and much awaited for Celtic Peacock. That is the one I'm making the video for on YouTube.

Until next time.....

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