Monday, August 1, 2011

Midnight In The Garden

The original design is called Butterflies With Cherry Blossoms, designed by Al Hannen. The supply list asked for 17" x 17" Parchment 14-count Aida-Zweigart.

Using the original directions really makes the dark blue in the butterflies stand out, and gives the finished project an old and somewhat washed out look. This is, of course, my opinion. I still love the design and have loved it since I first set eyes on it in The Cross Stitcher about five thousand years ago.

So, after 5,000 years, I was searching for the perfect fabric for a 20,000 stitch project that required BLUE. Not just any blue, as I found out, but a particular blue. I ended up with various kinds of fabrics with a variety of different hues. Disgusted with myself for not being able to make up my mind on this rather awesome project (I have yet to start but have found the right fabric) I was digging around my totes and came across this pattern.

The idea of putting this pattern on the Navy Blue 14 count Aida was such a great idea I began work on it immediately and forgot about the AWESOME PROJECT. Adding to the fun, I used Sulky Shimmer, Holoshimmer and Sliver Metallic threads for much of the back stitching throughout the piece. I really wanted to use it all over the place, but felt my exuberance would be overkill. Staying smart kept this piece clean and "just right".

I am super pleased with it and might have issues giving it to someone. I have found that one of my co-workers is a beautician who cuts hair beautifully and because she doesn't have a business license will only take barter. When I took this piece to work to see if it would be a good idea for barter, I was duly informed that not only was it mighty fine the way it is, but if I were to turn it into a framed piece or a pillow, I could be guaranteed many visits of my stylist. I laugh at this because my hair has been growing wild for so long, it might take a true act of God to tame the wild tendrils. We shall see what happens!

The pattern is beautiful and as always, Al Hannen's designs are always simple and elegant. If you get the change, maybe try your hand with this pattern and throw a little something into the mix that is all YOU. It is my opinion that designs and patterns are just a basic foundation to build on so one should never be shy about embellishing at will.

Until next time my savvy stitchers!

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