Tuesday, December 3, 2019

And Then There Was This Finish.....

Oh yes, another finish.  Last time I mentioned this one was for the March Gifted Gorgeousness post  where I managed to get a nice start to Odd Clover.

Let's go back in time to New Year's Eve 2010 right before it turned 2011.  My daughter, Baby Bird, was in her bedroom talking to herself.  Put aside the fact that she looks like me a bit, that talking to herself is definitely a naturism thing right up front for all to see.

So she's in her bedroom, talking to herself ( like I said ) and she's getting a little more frustrated as the minutes pass until finally she's yelling at herself.  I venture forth into her domain and ask my sweet, angry bird what is wrong.  She says that she wants to draw a particular piece of artwork so when she goes to see her eldest brother (My Sweet First Bjorn) she would like his wife to tattoo this artwork on her body.  So I ask what is it she would like?

Baby Bird explains she wants a clover, knotwork-ish style with the number 13 in the middle but she cannot make it work.  I fling my hair back and take colored pencils in hand ( I am a fabulous knotwork artiste once in awhile ) and proceed to draw ( according to Baby Bird ) exactly what was in her head.  The end result was this: 

I also know that a great tattoo artist will make it better so I'm pleased that Baby Bird is pleased and know that my daughter in law will make it perfectly.......and she did:

She cleaned up the lines, made the colors blend better and I am so pleased with the end result I could cry.  This is actually the second  of my children to have my artwork on their body.  Makes me feel....super gushy.

Onward to 2017 when my Baby Bird asks me to create a cross stitch pattern out of my artwork to make a patch for her vest.  If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know that 2017 was a year of travel and re-location. I coordinated with a friend on a pattern, however, the Baby Bird did not approve, so I threw the darn artwork into PC Stitch and came out with something she DID approve of.

It was November of 2018 when I actually began stitching the clover.  One year later I finished it.  It is AWESOME!

The patch was then created with fabric glue and sewn on to my daughter's vest and promptly sent to her. This might be one of the good pictures I took that shows actual colors.  The next picture is a bit washed out.

It really is a fabulous vest.  Should have taken a picture of the front to show all of the other patches and flair.  You get the idea here how wonderfully "her" this vest is.  

I don't know if you noticed that my progress bar for Odd Clover is full, but it is!  I'm leaving it until January 1st when the new WIP list with progress bars will be put in place.

I do hope your day is beautiful.  Tomorrow may see a more explanatory blog about my absence from here and Floss Tube, so hopefully you will stay with me a little longer.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. Wow! Love the way it turned out. Tattoo and patch. How fun!

    1. Right? Apparently I did good on that one and my daughter loves it so much :D

  2. It's a lovely design! If I ever decide to get a tattoo, I might come to you as well ;)

    1. If you ever do, I will take more than ten minutes to whip something up for you :D