Sunday, March 25, 2018

MARCH WIPocalypse

YAY!  It's WIPocalypse time again! I don't have much to show since last time expect for Lizzie Kate's Spring which should be done today.  I was hoping for a finish last night but got sucked in to Jessica Jones binge watching....should have listened to an audio book instead! 

This month's question is: What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?

Well now, the first one that comes to mind is Jodyri.  Technically not "newer" since she's been doing this for awhile now, but she offers monthly  clubs on Limited Edition Floss and matching Fabrics.  She does create patterns as well which are simple and perfect for her fabrics and flosses!

As you can see, I have a rainbow assortment of the Limited Edition fabrics.  Michelle (owner of Jodyri) also has her normal stock fabrics, but frankly I like the idea of Limited Editions and LOVE getting my monthly installment. Her customer service is exemplary.

There are two other designers that are newer to the scene and one is Ashley Mae aka Pinky the Pink of Make it Pink on Etsy.  She has converted many pieces of lovely artwork into patterns with the express permission of the artists AND the Mucha Foundation.  Well worth the visit to her store.  Ashley's

The start of Mucha's "Spring" pattern by Ashley
pattern designs are VERY different than normal and may seem intimidating at first (Think how intimidating TW patterns are!).  Her style is so evident in the way she creates the patterns that one peek at a pattern will show you how much time and detail she devotes to every pattern she creates.  She honors the artists, and never tries to downplay the importance of the original artwork. She blends flosses (tweeding), she uses Kreinik and Mill Hill beads...she tries to put as much into a piece as she can to bring out the beauty of the original art while giving the stitcher a new experience in stitching.

NYE Mystery SAL
"Merida" pattern by Ashley
And lastly is my girl Magical (Galdra Stafir).  She has been creating free patterns for all.  What started out as gem of the month has now blossomed into a growing Facebook Group called Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL.  Her blog shows Friday Freebies, ornaments AND one of my all time favorites is a new Facebook group called Magical Mystery SAL which started out as NYE SAL.  

A little story about the NYE SAL is Galdra and I were blabbing about things when suddenly she asks, "What do you think of a New Year's Eve SAL?"  I thought that was such an incredibly great idea and she really did an amazing job of it.  But why stop there?  We talked about it more and she wanted to change the group name and I said "Magical Mystery SAL" to match her blog a bit. I hope you all go and join...I know if I don't add you to that group she will!

How it worked was that on New Year's Eve she released a piece of the pattern every three hours.  There were MANY stitchers who don't wander out on NYE, and what do you know?  SO MUCH FUN was had by all.  On March 31st we will be doing it again!  The first two pre-stitch patterns are out and now we are all just waiting for THE DAY.

This blog is making me laugh because I was worried I wouldn't have an answer.  Well the answer came easily and with much exuberance!  Please check out Michelle, Ashley and Galdra.  For newer designers and product creators, these three are AMAZING!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!!


  1. Such a lovely spring design by L*K.
    These fabrics are just fantastic, so many colours to choose from.

    1. Thank you! I really love the Jodyri stuff because of the colors. I also enjoy that every month I have NO IDEA what color fabric and threads I'll get on the Limited Edition :D

  2. Haha, we had the same idea of a shout-out for Ashley and Magical! Your collection of Joydri fabrics is gorgeous.

    1. How could we NOT shout out for them? Or maybe we are a little biased? haha!