Saturday, March 17, 2018


  Yay for March Totally Useless SAL!  What's in that jar you ask?  Well I will tell you!

Layer one saw the completion of Terri's book bag. Fluffy yarn bits which make excellent stuffing for biscornu.

With my new sewing machine that loves me I was able to line it with pretty fabric.  I love it so much I feel like I want to keep it but sadly I cannot.  It was suggested I make another one pronto, and I have enough bits and balls of various yarn colors to do just that.

The next layer was work done on making those floss pads.  They are wonderful and I still have a small pile left to make in preparation to re-open my Etsy store for sales. This picture just shows a few, I have a HUGE pile of them now. They are all approximately 9 x 9 inches and will be sold for $10 each.  I'll probably do a floss tube video about the grande re-opening of my store when I'm ready.

The next layer happens to be the re-emerging NEED to stitch which has flosses from the March NFSAL, Nest Egg, and a cute Vervaco bookmark I just finished last night.

 The top layer is where I pulled the threads from the outside of the pattern to fray the border of the bookmark.  I then went to my new sewing machine and attached a lovely piece of extra flannel on the backside of the bookmark to keep it tidy.

I've been sticking with bright, glorious colors because I want it to be spring so badly.  January and February were super hard to endure and honestly I cannot believe I made it through those two months as well as I did.

Thankfully it's March, halfway through in fact, and I'm VERY excited for more sunshine, warmer temperatures and greenery!

If you are somewhere that hasn't gotten the memo, please stay warm and enjoy the color I'm throwing at you!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. Such a nice collection of orts and wonderful, colorful projects just in time for spring, Love the new bag and I would have wanted to keep it for myself too. Happy Stitching and Happy Spring

    1. Thanks Deb! I'm going to make another bag, but first I have to finish some other things :D

  2. Hi Carla. I have to ask, what is a floss pad? And I agree bring on spring!

    1. Hi Cathy!

      A floss pad is something I created to put my floss on while working on a project so the floss didn't end up on my elbow, sock or floor. They are pretty nifty. I just blabbed about them again on my latest floss tube video and honestly I couldn't live without one!

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  4. You had so many pretty pretty things going on lately! I just can't get over how quickly you finished Nest Egg, and how incredibly pretty it is.