Friday, May 12, 2017

An Interview

My precious stitchers!

Next week I will be in Arizona with my good friend Ashley Mae, aka Pinky the Pink.  She does the most wonderful beadwork miniature dresses and art to pattern cross stitch patterns and I will be sitting down with her for an interview.

If you have questions about Ashley, or how she started her bead work or cross stitch or seamstress work, PLEASE post a comment below!

Here are some links to her wonderful and amazing works and Etsy store to give you a great idea of what this woman has accomplished and a peek in to future endeavors.

She is AMAZING!  I will be interviewing her in person and posting the video on my floss tube channel.  If you'd like to watch floss tube #14 and respond there here is the link for that:

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. No questions, but I can't wait to watch the interview, wish I could have joined you

  2. How wonderful! She did a great interview for the Blogger of the Week blog and it will be really interesting to hear her speak!
    In that interview she said how much she liked stitching dresses in cross stitch designs. So my question is - have you combined your love of cross stitch into any items of clothing?

  3. I can't believe your visit with Ashley is already here! So exciting!