Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some finished, Some Started

The berserking never gets old when it comes to my stitching.  Some of you out there are like me and just go nuts and some of you take years to finish something.  Sometimes I feel like I'm all over the place (which I am) and get overwhelmed for no reason other than I want to stitch it all right now.

I did finish the Ornaments of the Month up to November yesterday and am very pleased with that little feat.  The only downside was being blind by the tiny stitching at the end!

There were two for October and they turned out quite lovely.  Since that is my birth month I added a little bling with sparkly thread to the backside.

Remember!  These patterns are free and really beautiful, so give them a try!

November came out okay.  I'm not as satisfied with the one on the left since I didn't really have the tiny beads for the sides like I usually do for the ornaments.

Had to remove the center stitching on the right handed one as I wasn't satisfied with how it came out the first time.  Replaced it with better stitching and like this version much better.  

December has three and then these are finished!  I'm taking them all to work to hang in my cubicle for decoration. Pretties!

Stitching Pirates is having a Winter themed Biscornu Exchange that I am going to make three biscornu for.  After looking through the patterns I have on my com and in my binders, I thought, "I'll bet TW's Tracery Ornaments would work nicely for this".  Gosh was I right!

Originally I was going to make four, but after looking at the different variations of the Tracery Ornaments it turns out that I could make 14 different biscornu with the front and back being different patterns!  I decided on six patterns that are Ornament 6 version 1-6.

I like that I ended last year with a TW finish and thought how lovely it would be to end this year the same way.  Wonder if I can end 2016 the same and just make that an annual event?

I did change the colors I will be using since the exchange theme is Winter Colors.  Used the DMC Variations "Winter Sky" to determine floss colors and am very pleased with how that turned out.  I have eight colors to choose from and have five for this first biscornu.

I don't think I want to use white or blanc or 5200 so I may be down to just sevens colors to work with plus the sparkly.

No bead choices made yet.  Figured I would wait until all the stitching was done first and then see.

My Sunday Stitch with Merida is on hold until January.  I'm not really sure if I'll do any so-called speed stitching on the Stitching Pirates Ship but one never knows.

Turtle Trot...thought about my big 10 and think I might finish the Quaker Ornaments this year.  The rest will be the Big 9 plus whatever for next year which is fine by me.

I know some of you ARE Stitching Pirates and you read my blog.  If so, PLEASE sign up for the biscornu exchange!  It really doesn't take very long to stitch up a biscornu and how fun would it be to get one made by another Pirate?  Yarrrg!  Give it some thought.  Signs up are until the closing date, so you have time.  If you aren't a pirate then please get on over there to DeviantArt and sign up!  If you are unsure about it all, then just clicky here and go to my page there and look at it all.  It's free to sign up and start doing things and meeting the beautiful people.

Until next time, Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I like bright colors when the weather starts turning gray so doing these ornaments and such are a wonderful and colorful pleasure :D

  2. See, that fast you got back on top of things! I love your little ornaments and I know those Tracery-biscornu will look so very pretty when done! I still don't think I can make time to do one, but I will try! :)

    1. I guarantee that you will have which ever one you choose done when it gets done. There are no rules saying you have to stitch them all :D

  3. The monthly ornaments are looking great. They seem to be getting more complex and prettier as the year progresses!
    I love the idea of the Tracery Ornaments stitched as biscornu, looking forward to seeing those completed.
    It's nice to see you blogging again too.
    I'm taking sign ups for my advent calendar if you want to join in this year?

    1. I'm so sorry I'm not getting back to you until now! Sadly there wasn't the energy or time to get tot he advent calendar but I have been watching!

      I'm going to be changing the TW blog banner for 2016 so we can continue onward! Any ideas for how that should look?

  4. I'm so far behind on blogging and ornaments and most things that the biscornu thing might not happen for me this time around, but I will have fun looking at everyone elses pretties

    1. The end half of this year has been so weird and busy and mental!! If you don't make one that is okay as I'm still going to make three, but it sure would be great if you could squeeze in one :D