Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Leonore's Halloween SAL update

Just a little check in to show off the progress for those of you who aren't on Stitching Pirates or aren't following along on the SAL

In the beginning we had our pattern and what I thought would be the fabric which then was changed out to some Silkweaver's fabric.
Week One

One over one works beautifully on this fabric as the weave is kind of chunky if that makes sense but makes for adorable end results!

Week Two

You know once you start stitching something this adorable you have to keep stitching and it was so hard to put down that I finished the lines for the squares and worked on week two square...it has hard to decide which square to do next!

After the N was finished I worked on the second E for Week Three and since I had black on my needle I went ahead and started working on Week Four.

Started on the border once I finished the Week Four square and will continue on with that and since it is a new week I get to stitch a new square!

I'm really glad that Leonore picked this one, it's incredibly FUN to stitch!

Leonore and Nancy have fun fabric for this SAL, and Magical has been working on a pumpkin and crow that is olde timey but something I would definitely want to stitch...so much Halloween stuff....not enough money to purchase every pattern ever made!

Luckily I have quite a few other patterns to keep me busy.  Next update on this one will be the big finish.

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Great progress, I love seeing you and Nancy work on this one was well! It's so much fun, I keep thinking which Frosted Pumpkin I'm going to do next...

    1. don't temp me woman!! it's so cute and fun to stitch!! If you choose another one I might have to SAL with you :D

  2. Lovely progress! This is a fun pattern I love Halloween

    1. I LOVE it too! my favorite holiday and so many fun things to stitch :D

  3. I'm mad your scissors actually match the Halloweenie vibe haha. Love those scissors!

  4. This is just the funnest thing to stitch, Leonore chose so awesomely well.

  5. Great design. I love the little N ninja! So sweet and very different!