Friday, June 19, 2015

June's TUSAL....

If Daffycat hadn't posted hers, well I would have completely missed it!  Naughty me, but I'm busy and so is my mind and work is fun, but the people are....HATERS.  (I just got home from work and am still revved up, my apologies)

June's TUSAL is as follows:

What is hilarious is it took me a moment to find the jar amongst the debris on my work table there.

Moved the fabric from off the top, closed the lid to the thread box, and there it was.

I feel like I stitched more this time around but there is a sad little pile in the jar compared to last time...but wait!  Last time I had cleaned up two of my floss boxes, so that explains that.

At least it isn't empty....sorry Daffycat.....

Now I have to clean up the NCC in preparation for making two more June ornaments, a fob and sew up some grime guards and finally sew up my wall hangings and gifts and prepare for the next excerpt of Merida...and then try and fit in some stitch time on my bookmarks and 12 Days AND WHY AREN'T WEEKENDS LONGER?

Dogs barking can't fly without umbrella.....



  1. You're so nicely busy at the moment, I'm quite sure soon-ish there will be lots of epic beautiful finishes coming out from that!

    1. I'm hoping so! It seems like these phases of having everything going at once always end with finish after finish after finish, like the week before. I do will be EPIC ha ha!

  2. If only we didn't have to waste time sleeping! Great ORT collection.

    1. Right?? Dumb sleeping...and my other favorite NOT past time...working, blech! Now if we lived on Mars, the days are longer :D