Monday, June 15, 2015

June IHSW One Weekend Early!

What a great weekend for IHSW (even thought it's one weekend early)!  There were two finishes:

This first one was finished on Friday, June 19th and is the 6th block out of 9 for Wendy B's BOF.

It's never too late to start stitching these up as they take no time at all and you feel completely satisfied with yourself for having done such a pretty thing after work on a Friday at the end of a long week at work!

Embroidery was never my thing, but after starting out with these cuties, I've been investigating and planning to do more in the future.

Cannot wait to get to the quilting part of things on this project.

On Saturday I finished up side B of my Halloween Ornie SAL, and since June was a "freebie" month that had no theme I KNEW  I had to stitch this one up as I feel it goes very nicely with the first one :D

I dare you to tell me these aren't so incredibly adorable!

If you wants the patterns, head over to HappyStitches4You and get your PDF today.  She has other patterns that are just as cute!

With all of THIS goodness going on, we had Saturday Hangout which, as per usual, had us giggling and making jokes....I've missed seeing their beautiful faces!  It doesn't matter how many people you know where you live, there is NOTHING like a  person who shares your passion to spend the day with....NOTHING.....maybe chocolate covered Twinkies....but other than that NOTHING.

Oh but there IS just have to be patient!  SUNDAY rolls around and our new found friend Paul put in his first stitches!  He is new-ish to stitching (his Grandmother taught him when he was a child but he hasn't done anything since then).  I gave him the Wish Upon a Star Cinderella kit from Disney Dreams (The Thomas Kinkade goodness) as his first project.  I felt it would teach him the basics for full and quarter stitches and back stitching and once he's done his confidence will be such that he can move on to EVERYTHING.  Krystal and I witnessed the creation of a new glorious!  Paul is a big fan of Disney, so I'm pretty confident he will enjoy this one.

His questions are amazing and wonderful and also help me to figure out what to write on my Sunday Stitch with Merida Segments.  At work today he had tons more made my day to discuss something I LOVE that has nothing to do with work.

After Paul left, I then started on Merida and wrote the first segment blog about that...and THEN.....I finished side A of the first of four June Ornaments.  

I put the 50 cent piece next to it so you can see just how tiny I've been stitching these monthly ornaments.  I still haven't decided what to do with them, but I have ideas.

What more can I say about the June IHSW?

It was a total WIN! 

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'


  1. We are such rebels, having IHSW early, I will try to have a better system for July, I promise.

    1. It was my bad since I have no idea what day it is and for some reason I just thought it was time ha ha! Very productive for all of us me thinks :D

  2. I'm not a fan of cats and Halloween patterns, but these are adorable.

    1. :D HappyStitches4You has several patterns that are just as adorable and nothing to do with Halloween, seriously check her out! And thank you, I couldn't resist the kitteh :D

  3. Such a shame I missed our hangout again...and Paul's first stitches! Much sadness :( But you got so much done! I think those should be three finished, not just two ^_^

  4. Your little halloween piece is just so adorable!