Sunday, March 1, 2015

D.E.S.I.G.N. Part One

Because I did not do a D.E.S.I.G.N. post for February, I will do two for March!  Who doesn't want to know about mysterious new designers or more about mainstream designers?  Someone always knows something about a designer!

This segment is all about Magical and the super fun Ornaments of the Month SAL.  You may have seen the ornaments popping up here and there, but Magical IS magical on so many levels and it cannot be denied that her projects are fun, and can be easily made into whatever you wish.

This month I will be stitching the (as yet to-be-released) March Ornament.  There won't be a pattern up until Friday which makes me sad as I really want to stitch it now.  How could you not?

I have been stitching Magical's ornaments since they started in January, and have to say that for quick, satisfying and fun stitching, this is certainly the way to go!  There are so many different things you can do with these little cuties.

January and February Ornaments
I will be continuing the Ornament of the Month SAL with Magical until she finishes up in December and am hopeful she will continue designing throughout the year in other areas as well.

I have a few of her older patterns that I have not stitched yet and I cannot figure out why as they are pretty awesome...a Tardis Biscornu pattern, a Dalek Biscornu pattern, another one called "Elements"...yes, she is a Whovian!

So, why talk about Magical as a designer?  Oh, I have plenty of reasons!  She is so incredibly creative and practical all at the same time.  She believes that if there is a scrap of something it can be used and she will find a way!  Strange floss from a strange land?  There IS a use for it!  Scrap of fabric and strange bead?  USEFUL!  I admire how she can look at something, take it apart in her mind and then take her mental image and make it into something so beautiful and useful.

It isn't just cross stitch either.  This woman is remarkable with ANY needle in her hand!  Some examples of her past exploits here to show you just exactly what I mean.

Coral Reef Diary Cover

This was created with odds and ends...nothing went to waste here and it came out BEAUTIFULLY.  So much so, that she received a Daily Deviation for it!  

A Daily Deviation is a wonderful acknowledgment of something achieved that is above and beyond in the art world.  In my opinion she should have more DD's!

Travel Sewing Bag
This bag is a perfect example of Magical's mind at work.  A place for everything!  Clever pockets, scissor holder, thread "basket" (its actually called a thread holder but I like it as a basket), complete with Velcro, fold it up as a purse and off you go!

If I were to consider something like this my brain would explode!  Thankfully we have Magical to show us the way.

Knowing what Magical is capable of, it is no wonder I am forever a fan and follower.  She is inspiration itself!  A seed planter!  And I am proud to say she is my friend.  It's important you know she is my friend since you are probably thinking I'm this weird, drooling fanatic....not the case! (maybe a little)

The Tardis Bag

Can you blame me for really loving everything she creates? 

We all know there are some designers out there that  are just FUN as people and it shows in the things they create, whether it's a cross stitch pattern or  a travel bag. 

Magical is one of those exceptionally gifted and fun people you cannot help but love from the start.  I know I did!

If you aren't getting in on the Monthly Ornament SAL, you really should!  (seriously, they are fun and quick and the rewards are very fulfilling)

Stay tuned for Part Two of my D.E.S.I.G.N. post later this month. 


  1. Magical has certainly created some magical things! Haha.

    The monthly ornies are cute and I love the Tardis biscornu too.

    1. They really are fast stitches! If you have some left over scraps you could give it a try!

  2. You know I've wanted to do Magical's Tardis since long before I even met Magical, I should really get around to that.

    1. Same here...might do it as a surprise for my office manager :D

  3. That Tardis bag is just amazing! Great DESIGN post! And don't feel bad, I barely (kinda) made the February post! lol

    1. Fortunately Leonore is a wonderfully laid back person, and she really didn't mind :D I already have the designer for Part Two picked out, but will wait until later this month!

  4. What a wonderful DESIGN post! Magical is awesome, I didn't even know many of her projects, even though I went through her whole blog just recently. I do hope there will be more patterns by her after the Ornament SAL :)

    And as promised, your entry will still count for February, I know you tried and you were right behind and I don't object to making exemptions if people ask nicely anyway :)

    1. Thank you! She's always been pretty awesome when it came to designing. if you go to her gallery on dA you will see her cross stitch patterns there for the biscornu :D

  5. Aww thanks<3<3 It's taken me a few days to think of what to say - you managed to make me speechless - something that's pretty impressive as you might realise ;)

    I have to admit that I still don;t know what else to say but : Thanks <3<3

    1. tee hee, YOU?? Speechless?? UNHEARD OF!! I'm glad you liked it and it was my pleasure <3