Sunday, September 27, 2009

My very good friend Sean was staying with me while in town working last year. We were doing bead work and other crafty things and ended up at Joann's Fabrics drooling over everything. I found this yarn that was very pretty and commented on it.

Sean demanded I make him a blanket for his bed and I eagerly agreed. When I began the project it was with crochet. I got about ten rows into it and decided that I didn't like how the crochet was making this otherwise soft yarn into a stiff and rough feeling "thing".

Ripping out all of that crochet was torture and I ended up with five small balls for the actual one :D

I decided then to KNIT a queen size blanket instead. So far it is soft, stretchy, pliant and wonderfully warm. No issues whatsoever about it. I'm guesstimating that it will take around 25 balls of yarn to complete. I plan on doing a broomstick lace around the outer edge to give it an added something. I will post the blanket on here again once it is finished :D

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