Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am a member of an artist website called deviantArt. Every 5,000 page views I like to give a gift to the person who gets to the number and the last time was at 10,000 page views.

Prior to the target number, I submitted a poll asking my lovely viewers what they would like as a gift and "bookmark cross stitched by me" was the winner. A close second was coffee from Raven's Brew.

So, I dug around my old magazines and came up with a nice SPRING pattern. They are actually two different patterns that were book covers for bibles, but I really liked the flowers and butterflies so I combined the two into one. I really love this bookmark and the girl who won REALLY loves it as well.

Bookmarks are a very fun and useful gift to give people. I generally like to give gifts that have some kind of usefulness to them and bookmarks are always welcome. Kind of like "you can't go wrong giving a candle" type thing. Not everyone reads, so be careful when giving this out. You can always fall back on the candle thing if the givee isn't into books :D

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