Saturday, April 28, 2018

April WIPocalypse

Every time I post for WIPocalypse I always feel like I haven't done a darned thing.  I then have to go back to last time to see what I've done for my WIPs and still feel like not enough progress has been made.

I did finish Lizzie Kate's Spring right after the last WIPocalypse posting.  So bonus points there!

I have since spent much of my time working on floss pads, sewing up things and getting my product organized for the not very anticipated re-launch of my Etsy store.

During all of that crazy sewing, I pushed everything aside and got back to work on Odd Clover then threw that aside and went crazy berserker stitching on the Fire and Ember SAL.

I finished two pages and am now working on another.  I am officially 12 months behind on this SAL but should be caught up and on track by the end of May.  

The question of the month is:  Talk to us about your longest running WIP or UFO.

I have blabbed about these two in the past and brought them out to be worked on every once in awhile, but never seem to get very far.

Both of them were started in 2009.  They are my two guilt projects.

Celtic Goddess on the left and COSMOS on the right.  Celtic Goddess was supposed to be a model stitch for a designer and it is a beautiful piece.  For some reason I cannot seem to motivate myself to stitch her.  She has been put back in the box and remains a UFO for the duration.

COSMOS is the worst offender.  I have entirely too much guilt associated with this one and feel ashamed I haven't finished it.  It was/IS an exchange piece where I traded Tim Tams for converting an artists work into pattern to create a pillow out of the finished piece.  I have 100 stitches in and that is where it has stayed.  They are both beautiful patterns and I really like them, but they remain UFO's until I suck it up and get it done.

It's difficult to show my shame, but if I continue to pull these two projects out I feel that one day they will be completed and sent on to the rightful owners!

For now, I'm tackling the Fire and Ember piece (lovingly referred to as THORDAK because of Critical Role and the Chroma Conclave).  This SAL will be finished in October when we stitchers will begin the next SAL which is called the Dead Sea SAL.  

All good, good fun!  If I stay on track and finish the smaller projects while working on the larger ones, I just might get back to Celtic Goddess and COSMOS sooner rather than never 😁

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. your Fire & Ember piece looks great, envious of your talent. your 2009 projects are new starts in my book, still plenty of time to get them done. can't wait to see where you are next month.

    1. Well it's the middle of May almost and I'm not too far done with much! Spring has sprung and it's hard to stay sitting long enough to stitch one stitch :D

  2. Fire and Amber is a gorgeous design with all the different tones of red. And nice little L*K finish.

    1. :D I love stitching it this way, it keeps things exciting!

  3. I always enjoy seeing the Goddess, but always forget Cosmos. But really Thordak demands attention and will not be denied

  4. I'm not sure I remember what kind of project Odd Clover was...can you enlighten me?
    Great progress on Thordak, you really will be caught up in no time at all!

    1. Remember I drew that clover with the 13 in it for my daughter who then had it tattooed on her body? Well she wanted me to stitch a patch of that tattoo for her leather vest :D If you don't remember that is okay, I can share it our chat.