Thursday, September 8, 2016

Update on Things

Olympic gold?  Nope, not even close enough to get a whiff of the Bronze in my endeavor.  It wasn't that I had all those was work.  THAT is a different story and one I'm not going to blather about today as I do not have one eloquent word to say.

I do have some updates on things that did get stitched on.  Here's the list again so you can see what I had hoped to achieve a bit of:

1: Stitching Pirates Ship
2: Second Page of Fire and Ember SAL
3: Rawr
4: Cube Tutorial
5: Big Mama Chickie Bag
6: Big Mama Chickie Bag
7: So Blue Book Bag

Stitching Pirates Ship received no love.  Second page of Fire and Ember SAL was finished.

RAWR saw some serious stitching done on that:  2268 stitches of 310 complete and I'm about 300 stitches away from completing 3450 stitches of 939, so not too shabby.  

The cube tutorial hasn't happened as I have not finished stitching the body yet.  Big Mama Chickie Bag saw no love.  The second Big Mama DID see some love so I'd say I'm about 15% done with it now.  The So Blue Book Bag has not even been started as I had to ask a few more questions about the handle my customer wanted.  So not too bad over all, it could have been worse, right?

The 2016 Halloween SAL is going on right now, so if you are participating let Leonore know or comment below with link to your updates!  We have some really great stitching going on there. Sadly not by me (ha, ha).  I have a window and tons of pretty blank fabric.  PLEASE go check on Leonore's progress!  Another fun pattern for this year that's for sure! 

If you want to see who else is stitching along and how far they have gotten, please head on over to my dA main page for a peek.  

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!!


  1. Progress WAS made and that's the important point. Just keep stitching way.

    1. Thank you! You are right, I just always expect more of myself :D

  2. You have so much going on! Let's count; that over 2k stitches on fire and ember and then over 5k on RAWR, so what does it matter if you get a few hundred into Whacky Witches now or a bit later :D

  3. You've made great progress on your two larger pieces, so that's all good!

    1. and I didn't even bother to respond to this's so shameful!

  4. You did make some progress, you should still be proud :)

  5. That's actually a lot of progress, you go girl. I would have loved to join you on the SAL but fair work and other things happened, plus my nieces and nephew keep insisting on having children, and therefore I must stitch things for them

    1. You can join this any time! Jody, Leonore and I haven't worked on ours for awhile, but soon I shall be up to current..sooooooooon