Saturday, January 30, 2016

Smalls SAL for January

It was time for the check in two days ago, but I have this new job see...and new bus schedule see....and I was plumb tuckered out at the end of every day see....

Heather over at Stitching Lotus is our brilliant hostess for this SAL and I'm confident she will forgive a tardy old lady just one time....

Gosh, so for January, what on earth have I been up to?  Well let's see..

For the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL 2016 I stitched up a "Winged Thing" on January 1st

Jo has stitched one up and had given me an idea for some olde timey looking ornaments for this year.  I almost wish I did have some straw or hay to stuff it with and if I were down on the farm I would have grabbed some alfalfa from the barn and stuffed it with that, but it looks almost right here.

Then I finished up the TW Tracery Ornaments Design 5 and Design 6 to make a pretty Winter Themed Biscornu for the Stitching Pirates Biscornu Exchange...mine has been sent to Magical of Magical Quilts and More

My exchange was with MasterPlanner and I received a beautiful bejeweled biscornu. Even though I didn't make this one, it's a small and it's too beautiful NOT to share.

I'm currently working on a Chickie Travel Pouch for the next Stitching Pirates Contest that will start on Monday but had to rip out some backstitching repeatedly due to wrong color and then due to not doing the over and under properly only to figure out that the over and under isn't going to work out the way I want it to anyway.....but a girl can try!

I did start working on the Frosty Forest "Snowman's Cottage" but the contest prize is more of a priority, however it is a great start!

Lastly, my at work stitching is the last in the Milady's Needle "Quaker Ornament" with side B being worked on first.  I stitch in the morning before I start work and then during lunch and have gotten some stitches in which surprises me as I'm always being interrupted.

For January, two smalls completed, but many started and in the works! February report should see a whole slew of finishes!

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Congrats there are lots of great finishes!

  2. Great stitching this month. You got the post in before the 31st which is good going!
    I love the biscornus, both sent and received.
    And the pink fabric is gorgeous too.

  3. Wonderful stitching and finish's.


  4. So much fun stuff, can't wait to see that quaker ornament

  5. Lovely finishes in starts. I think I've seen the little raven before, but forgot all abot it until now. Those biscornu are SO pretty!

  6. Beautiful finishes And WIPs. Good luck with your new job - hope things feel "normal" soon.

  7. Hi Carla, your finishes are so fantastic! Happy stitching!

  8. You were very busy. I love the dark navy biscornu. What is the design for that one?

  9. You aren't late as long as you post before the link list is closed. ;) Besides, one of your finishes is a TW. I can forgive just about anything if that is the case! Thanks so much for joining the Smalls SAL.