Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Stitch: Merida Segment 4

Where we left off last Sunday
Well, here we are again and keeping with the new tradition of "removal and replacement" I came across another tiny mistake that is easily fixed (unlike replacing all of the pictures in each and every blog post...which is daunting but getting done).

Looking at the right side of the curly hair this time, I have gone one stitch too far to the right, and did not move one stitch to the right on the left side.  Lucky me, I did have to remove those lovely petite stitches....such good practice!  
More sad!

You may have noticed that as we go along, there are new terms being used here that I hope catch on as these new terms and words are the best way to describe what is happening.  We discussed "Remove" and "Replace" last time, and today we add a new word "Petite".

Petite refers to those little stitches that are NOT quarter stitches or three quarter stitches and do not fall into your normally defined category of stitches.  So they are henceforth known as Petite Stitches.

It has also struck me that since we have been doing quite a bit of Removal, you are wondering (or not) how I can accomplish this task without destroying the beautiful surrounding stitches?  Fear not my fellow stitchers for I created a tool for that back in 2008!

Naughty Stitch Removal Devise
I simply took one of those extra large, pointy embroidery needles, drilled a hole in the end of a cuticle grooming stick, Gorilla Glued the eye end of the needle into the hole and then wrapped left over floss around the end just to have something to grab on to and not have it slip at a critical moment.  You can see the other one I made at the same time in my DeviantArt Gallery.

As you can see, it has been used for more than just the removal of stitching.  It was once used to aid in soldering a wire...which is why the end is discolored.  You may notice that the needle is at an angle and this is actually on purpose.  When you are holding the device in your hand and going for a stitch, one must be at awkward angles.  I've found the angle of the needle to be very effective.  I once had one made that was straight and in line with the handle...but it really messed around with stitches it had no business touching.

After playing around with all that, replaced the stitching, put more of the second color in....I thought I'd like to see some face come into play so I stitched two rows of that.

You may say there isn't much going on here, but as a reminder:  This is a leisurely stitch, I started at the most difficult part of the pattern, and those stitches are tiny!

Sundays aren't usually as busy as today and last weekend were, so hopefully next Sunday will see no removals, no replacements and only stitching.

For now I'm dog tired and think it's off to bed....the salt mines beckon....

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Boo for more removal, but yay for more replacing, adding and even a bit of face showing! Even if it's slow, I think you're still making great progress here ^_^

    1. Thank you! I'd sure like to see more stitching happening rather than removal, but what can you do? :D

  2. Yay Merida :). She's looking great and one of my fave princesses. I just watched her movie a couple days ago.

    1. I figure by the time I'm done with her I may want to watch the movie so I can truly appreciate what has been accomplished ha ha!