Saturday, July 25, 2015


I giggle every time I get to write about the Totally Useless Stitch's funny!  Tell me it doesn't make you smile when you are sitting there taking a picture of your ORT Jar or bucket or dish?

The other fun part is after I post, the jar gets emptied and the race begins anew to fill the thing up again for next time!

Next to my lovely ORT Jar are these cute little boxes...the clear one on the bottom I found at Joann's to use for my travel kit, then the other colored ones were a five pack deal at Office Max...I'm thinking I need to pick up another set so I can have the yellow...but that may be a little too OCD haha!  But wait!  The blue matches up with Merida's colors...the yellow will match up with Belle...oh dear!  I may have to pick up the yellow after all.

Must add that to my errand list for later today.....

The boxes ARE perfectly color coordinated with my current projects so I can keep the flosses in the boxes and out of the way while I rotate on through....yes, must get the yellow.....

This is also tidy.  I have larger boxes I usually use to put my flosses in but they always get other  stuff in them and things get out of hand very quickly which makes me ask myself too often...where did this come from and why is it HERE??  If I had more drawers.....nope, better not go there...drawers get ALL KINDS OF THINGS tossed into them.  

And there you have it, July TUSAL and a pinch of colorful fun.

Until next time...Keep on Organizing!


  1. Pretty colourful boxes! I agree, you really should get the yellow one as well~

    1. I agree! I think there are two colors, yellow and one more I cannot remember...but I MUST have them all! EVIL LAUGHTER!!!

  2. Yes you need the yellow box. Yes drawers are stuff magnets! and the stuff hides in them so you can't find them any more!