Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Stitch From Stash = AWESOME

Spent: $11.99
Earned:  $34.00

Yes, that is correct...I earned $34.00!  I am as thrilled as you are...or dumbfounded, whichever the case may be.

I began my earnings by finishing the Side B of my Quaker Ornament and then doing a finish finish on the ornament itself and the best part of that was my daughter (who doesn't give a twig one way or the other about the NCC or what goes on here) actually liked it and said it looked "Christmassy".  She truly is the final word on whether or not one did well....if SHE likes it, then you KNOW you did something spectacular.  Remember..this is that very daughter who would not purchase anything crafty for a Christmas present because (and I'm sharing a direct quote here) "You have enough stuff".  We have since had a follow-up discussion about this, but she stands firm in her position regarding the contents of the NCC...even after I gave a detailed explanation of the downsizing process that has been going on...and then she says "Ohhh."  Thank goodness she loves me and I love her!  Even still, the compliment over the Quaker Ornament was huge for me....and a $4.00 earning for SFS.

Then I quickly stitched up the March Ornament of the Month and have to say it was wonderful to find out that Magical is going to add a few "extras" as some months have more than one gem attached to them!  I'm addicted to them and was thrilled to hear about that!  She's also creating other fun things like her  Blue Floral Needle Book and her Scissor Fob a Month and these little stitching projects are great earners for SFS.  Another $4.00 for March SFS.

The biggest earner for March was finishing Skeleton Crew!  A whopping $26 for this one!  I had not thought about this finish earning anything until Nancy brought it up and then I figured out the stitches and was shocked!  Good one for moi.

On the not so awesome side of things, there wasn't much else going on with the stitching.  I've been getting to work earlier to get a few things done before I switch jobs next week.  Get home and I'm so tired!  

This has put me a wee bit more behind as far as Flowers of the Month Bookmarks, TW's 12 Days of Christmas, but I do get to focus solely on those to get caught up before I bring out Celtic Goddess again.  Okay, so it's good and not so good but really not horrible, and honestly I don't feel sad about it at all.  Maybe April will see some serious catching up?  It's a lovely thought that I will hold on to.

Wondering about that $11.99?  It was scissors for a SAL that Leonore is having beginning August 15th.  I love Halloween cross stitch, therefore I had to have scissors to go with this particular SAL.  Magical said no and was backed by the other girls, but I couldn't resist!  So worth it :-D

I hope I haven't bent too many minds with the blog name change, and again I apologize but it had to happen.  Should have done that several years ago, but some things need time to figure out.

Until next time...HAPPY STITCHING! 


  1. Skeleton Crew is such an awesome finish, as is the little gem you made using my pattern <3

    I'm hopeful that things will settle down for you soon, once you have your new job and are settled in again :)

    Naughty Carla! You were not supposed to get that pair!

    1. But...butt!!!! It was an accident! My argument still stands that I cannot stitch Leonore's SAL without them!! They are so cute!

  2. Wow done a lot of stitching
    Love the skeleton crew and the ornaments are so beautiful finished
    Well done on your budget

    1. Thank you so much! I do not know if you prefer the responses in English or Deutsche but am sure you will let me know :D

      Ihr Blog wurde zur Seitenleiste hinzugefügt, so, wenn Sie Ihren TW Updates veröffentlichen wir dorthin gehen zu schauen! (Ich bin für die schlechte deutsche sehr leid)

  3. You did a much better job on your budget this month - I know you'll be able to catch things up! Awesome finishes as well, can't wait to see what's next once you're properly settled into your new job :)

    1. The best part of the new job is that I won't be so exhausted OR overworked! It will be wonderful! Getting caught up will be nice too :D