Saturday, January 31, 2015

TW End of January Status Update

Last year when I hosted the 2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler there wasn't really any form to it, just a few of us who got together and went NUTS over accumulating and planning world domination by stitching TW designs.

Part One was completed, but still continues.  Not one of us can really not look at a TW design and say, "I think I have enough for now".  We continue to find and purchase the patterns.

Part Two is still continuing with kitting up the patterns and starting a few or one large one here and there.  These are, for the most part, large and complicated projects and with that knowledge and with sacred reverence, we take our time.

Part Three is the actual stitching.  This too has taken some time.  There have been finishes and this year, 2015, will see several finishes of great import!  We have been joined by several other stitchers and have now doubled our number and the group grows.

Each of us has plans of stitching or is in the process of stitching different pieces which is wonderful. Questions are asked, discussions are had and knowledge is gained.  With the TW Group on FB, we have even more access to experienced TW Stitchers and confidence grows all around.

Suz over at Crafty Weasel has a delightful and stunning blog about her current and past projects that are seriously a MUST SEE.  I keep going back there to drool over what she has going and find myself wanting two more patterns I don't have (and continue being a little envious of her meeting TW).

For January's blog I've decided to feature Nancy's Stroke of Midnight, better known to us as "Cindy". She is less than a page and a half away from finishing the stitching and will then get to the is still so very beautiful!

Because Nancy loves BAPs, this one has been nothing but pure pleasure for her to stitch.  Cindy's shawl is not just Cindy's Shawl, but rather the "ridiculously beautiful shawl"

Nancy has stated the following:

"I have often joked with Carla that Theresa must hate us all, the thought first came up when doing 50 bazillion quarter stitches in the arches. But the truth is I adore this pattern, it's so detailed and the colours are gorgeous, I'm a lover of BAP's and this one is a dream, I have calculated that I should finish sometime in the summer, some 18 months after I started it."

Starting in February,  there will be more interviewing of stitchers who have stitched or are stitching TW designs.  We are getting in some great questions from our little group of TW gals and should have (hopefully) an interview per week.

Looking forward to the interviews as they were great fun last year!  If you are reading this and would love to be interviewed by all means let me know!  It would be my pleasure to do so.

If you want to see more of what "MY GIRLS" are stitching or have stitched, please clicky on their links on the right sidebar and check out their blogs.

If nothing else you will enjoy how each one has such a wonderful personality and style all of their own.  And be prepared to laugh and brace yourself for sarcasm...there is a little here and there to add to the fun.

Until next time.....


  1. Heyl I responded to your comment about the email but didn't hear back about where to email you with my email address!

    1. Drat, I haven't gone through my comments yet my dear. My email is :D More updates can and will happen, I'm always excited for MORE!

  2. The ridiculously pretty shawl will always be the most beautiful thing I have ever stitched. And look how much more organized we are since last year.

    1. Right? Now if I can just organize myself with the emails we will be rolling right along! ha ha!

  3. I totally forgot to answer your mail, but then I haven't touched PT in way to long...I'll try to work on it in February, so I can actually show something new then!

    Nancy's Cindy is so very pretty, always has been and always will be!

    1. It's alright, you have been busy with DESIGN and work and sick Felix :D I would LOVE to see PT even if you aren't working on her! It's been way too long since that one has shown it's beauty :D