Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stitch From Stash the first Installment of the Year

January:  Spent $47.93, stitched from stash $4.00 = $43.93

Last year I won three patterns from SFS which were from  the "Frosty Forest" collection which came with a skein of floss, a button and the fabric for the patterns.  Naturally I had to obtain the rest of the patterns, all of the buttons....and then came January.  This is where I then purchased the floss and one button I forgot.  

I'm seriously a "series" person, so if I have one of some series, you can be sure that eventually I'll have the entire series and everything that goes with it.  Whether I stitch it or not is another story entirely, but his time I will be as the first three patterns are what prompted Tons of Tiny....

Which also prompted me to purchase all of the Little House Needleworks Virtues (there are 12) and the buttons that go with them...but that was December and doesn't count for now, however, you need to know this since this order I'm speaking of I found a lovely fabric for these patterns that I HAD to have when I made January's purchase.

For Christmas my girl Ashley sent me one of her patterns called "Spirit of Cross Stitch Angel Ornament" by Brooke Nolan and should be stitched on perforated paper.  So let's add that pretty silver perforated paper to the order.  

No order is truly complete without some "experimentation" so why not throw in a package of 16 John James needles?

10 flosses
32 Ct Lugana 17 x 26 fabric
Metal Silver Perforated Paper
John James Needles

For a grand total of $47.93.

Not too shabby since last January I had lost my mind and spent $71.59 but Mel was soooo on my side on this one as SKULL was a gift so everything that went with that part of the purchase didn't count.

This January it all counts, but I WILL make a few dollars back as the year goes by with my finishes.

For example:

36 st wide x 53 st high.  I have had the fabric forever.  The Weeks Dye Works Floss was purchased in 2013 and the metallic thread in 2012(?) and the pattern sadly was purchased in November 2014 so this one won't count for January because of the pattern but that is fine: this is just an example.

If it had been usable I would have been able to subtract $2 from my $47.92!

Even my January bookmark won't count yet...

BUTT, BUTT, BUTT!! My January Ornament WILL! Hurrah!

Just look at that darling little thing!  Everything about it is from my stash except the pattern which was free and made with tender loving care by Magical.  

You can get the ornaments of the month patterns at the NCCIH website. February's will be up soon, hurrah!

I accept my $4 off for this little gem....oh how I love thee! (it is 35 x 35)

This makes the actual SFS total for January:

$43.93 USD

I did not purchase anything I did not need and I fully do intend on using everything (and when I pass the patterns on, the unused portions of the singular flosses for each little pattern will go with it).  This is what SFS has done for makes me think. No more hoarding.  Now I consider each purchase and then allow the OCD to take over for completeness of "kitting up" or floss needs or fabric needs.  I have quite a way to go to finish kitting everything, and maybe a little more downsizing in my pattern stash...but for now I'm pretty darn happy with how things are coming around.  (This has only taken three years to get to this point, imagine how perfect my NCC will be when I'm finished organizing!)

Now I think I will get to stitching, I'm down to nine days left in the month (Seriously? Nine days?) and Day 1 isn't finished!

Until next time my pretties.....


  1. Where did the month go? And I begin to suspect it's January in Alaska that makes you go a bit nuts, you were fine once spring hit.

    1. Hopefully every January will be better, but I am leaning towards your theory of it being January in Alaska :D

  2. January has disappeared in the UK too, quite worrying. Well done on a restricted spend, good luck for the 6 months

    1. I'm wondering if it's raining as much in the UK as it is here in Juneau right now? Thank you for the luck, I may need it ha ha!

  3. That's what I like about SFS as well...thinking about if you really need something :) Good luck being even more strong those coming months!

    1. I wish the same strength for you as well! You have a better advantage as you are far more reasonable with your purchases in the past. :D

  4. You did good this January, I know it's not easy for you to control yourself sometimes. I'm so glad my ornament pattern helped you reduce the overall amount too :D I know you can keep it up!

    1. Had to read the rules again because it's 35 x 35 and was surprised to see that such a tiny little creation got me a whopping $4!! I think with your patterns I will save a total of $48 for the year!

  5. WOW! Lots of series there.
    Cute finish! Love the fabric and your vareigated threads piece.

    1. Thank you my sweet! I'm excited to start stitching them, but must wait until I finish the first batch of tiny things to get to them, and then look out! ha ha! Side B of the Quaker Ornament should be done in February with yet another pretty floss :D