Friday, January 2, 2015

January's Hopeful Goals

I say hopeful because I am always hopeful I can stitch to some kind of schedule....and then I black out or something and chaos ensues.  For now, I'm keeping it pretty simple by breaking 2015 up this way.  

Strangely, this usually causes me a little bit of stress as it puts a time constraint on certain things, but I'm not feeling as stressed because I've already finished something!

I'm referring to this as side one to the Quaker Christmas Smalls. There are now five more to do (2 fronts and three backs).  I'm not crazy about how this one turned out but I think once it is finished it will be pretty enough for someone's tree at the end of the year.

I've stated before I don't usually do "Christmas Stuff" but the ornament exchange we just did for Stitching Pirates was really fun and this will give me a variety to choose from when the time comes (I also have plans for more ornaments).

Sadly you cannot see the delicate sparkle in the fabric or the holoshimmer in the back stitching, however, if I share this one in an ornament exchange the recipient will see the sparkle as it does look better in "real life".

One down (started this in Nov 2014) and finished as of this morning with some marathon stitching and Mr. Mercedes.

Next up to bat are the monthly bookmarks which is a Bucilla kit I found at WalMart.  The kit will be intact so that I can give it to someone else when I'm finished in December, so floss, fabric, pattern and organizer cards will be included and unscathed.  It comes with 14ct Aida (for you Aida lovers, sorry but blech) and I changed that out for some PTP fabric that was originally supposed to be for Celtic Goddess and I had a hard time stitching that type of pattern on it.  Because the fabric is darker and most of the bookmarks are light colored....well why not?

So the plan?  Oh yes.....

The beginning of each month I will do the following:

1) Monthly bookmark
2) 12 Days of Christmas
3) A tiny
4) Current Project Skeleton Crew
5) Another tiny or small or mini or three when I can't stand to stitch my project anymore.

And there it is!  That doesn't sound like too much at all, does it?

As I have said before, ALL BOOKS ARE GOOD BOOKS, but when read by great narrators they really come to life!  R.C. Bray read The Martian and really captured the humor throughout, and I don't know about you but I love listening to Will Patton read (He read Mr. Mercedes and also Dr. Sleep), he's also a fun actor to watch as well.

Reading has been the 44 Series books 9 - 11 by Jools Sinclair.  This series feels more like installments rather that "books" but now I have to wait until February for the next book...rats!  The latest "installment" was left as a major cliffhanger!

Don't expect complicated writing or twisted plots and such, just easy reading that draws you in slowly.  If you like continuing sagas, this is a lovely little read.

Now, since I don't have to work again until Monday, I will go and begin and finish the January bookmark and then hopefully finish up Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas.  This is kind of exciting!

Until next time my luscious yetis....END TRANS


  1. I'm jealous of your weekend off.
    Your plan seems very sound and has plenty of room for distractions, also, such a pretty finish ALREADY!!!!

    1. Don't be jealous! Pretty soon things will slow down for you and you will be the one with more time off than you care to have! I'm glad you like the monthly plan and was hoping it seemed reasonable to everyone as I'm sure you all would have said "really? there's no way!" ha ha

    2. Slowdown isn't happening as much this year, I will have a couple slightly quieter weeks in January and then my boss (who I have learned to enjoy working with, I just ignore his annoying quirks) is having surgery and will be off for all of February and part of March. But I'll fit everything in, and I already have a trip to a waterfall, a trip to Vancouver and a trip to my sisters planned.

    3. OOO, sounds like you have FUN planned this year! As for work, the positive side is you will have nice, healthy paychecks....the downside is you will have less time to stitch :( On the positive side this is the year you will finish Cindy and start the Fractal!

  2. Your plan sounds quite reasonable; lots of tinies to distract you and still room to work on your bigger projects. And to start of with such a beutiful finish already - jealous!

    1. Seems like a bit of jealous all the way around! ha ha. But you all had me a bit envious all throughout 2014! All those beautiful things stitched and crochet :D 2015 will be epic for all of us me thinks :D

  3. Lovely goals! and you have already finished the bookmark! so that's one thing off your list :D