Saturday, December 6, 2014

WIPocalypse, End of The Year

It is time to re-cap 2014, so I had to go through my blogs for the year and see what happened....even though I was here in the NCC, it still seems like this year went entirely too quickly but with so many changes happening personally it was hard to keep up!

January - I started English Cottage Sampler, Vinnie Stretch (changed fabric for this one three times before settling on the sparkly Conifer from PTP), No Drama, dug out Celtic Goddess again and started Petite Bookmark Kit.  My year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler began! I introduced my Nerdy Expando File.

February - SKULL was introduced and all other WIPS took a backseat for a bit so I could complete this and not have it affect my SFS budget as it was a gift. 

March - Started 12 Days of Christmas and Pandas, introduced Little Travel Case, finished SKULL, started and finished THEY, and introduced the world to the incredible Nerd Central Command (this has since gone world wide and has a website).  This is also the month that I confidently stated that my Stitch From Stash budget would be zero until the end of time....what a dreamer!!!

April - I found 2014's Halloween pattern and fabric months earlier than usual, started Flowers for Nancy, and managed to work on the Dr. Who Shada Scarf, organize my stash a bit better and worked a little on Vinnie Stretch.

May - Ignored everything except Flowers for Nancy, started and finished Foxy Kitteh, planned and then was rained out of the Second Annual Memorial Day Weekend Campout (which turned out sunny on one of three days) and pretty much ignored everything else I needed to do.

June - Celtic Goddess was brought to the fore once again (the guilt on this one is crushing!) but no work was done once again, but I did finish one of the Edwardian Lady cards I had in Little Travel Case, and finished Flowers for Nancy, so a twofer that month!

July - This month is always the busiest "outside" month, but more work on the Dr. Who Shada Scarf, my oldest son bought me velcro for my 30" bars on the scroll frame for ECS so that was touched but not worked on.  I did lovingly touch my WIPs and brought them out for a feature picture for this month's WIPocalypse...then put them away.  I'm wondering if they are starting to hate the Nerdy Expando file?

August - A grand month for the finish of the two year long Dr. Who Shada Scarf project...definitely need a better picture of that before it is wrapped up and sent to Canada.  Had my first of three diagnosis on my back so far...yes it has since been determined that it's not a herniated disk, and at this time only an MRI will tell for sure....

September - The big move into my house and a new NCC!  The start of Skeleton Crew and the start and finish of the NCCIH logo.  If you remember or don't remember or didn't read about it, my NCC here at the new house first started in the backroom of the main floor, but I didn't like being in that room, it felt stifling so the NCC was moved upstairs to the attic in the second room next to my bedroom....much better and very cozy.

October - The Queen Bee Stitching Competition started on October 1st and again everything else was set aside, or rather, Skeleton Crew was added to the pile of WIPs as I blazed my way through Queen Bee.  I also started working on a rag basket which was also set to the side.

November - Strangely, only two blogs for that start and finish for the Stitch Pirates Secret Pirate Ornament Exchange...a TW pattern called "Father Winter" and more work on the Queen Bee...but I missed first place and was trying for second and then missed second place....

December - Yep, third place for Queen Bee which is now finished and I'm rather proud of it.

It's only December 6th, but I've had one finish this week (Queen Bee) and am trying to finish Vinnie Stretch today for two finishes which it doesn't look like will happen but I am going to give it a try.

With 25 days left until the very end of the year who knows if I'll have one or three finishes, but I'm going to try!  Holidays always interfere with my crazy ideas of "finishing" so for now, let's just see what happens!

Until next time my sweet little stitchers.....


  1. Aw, what an awesome idea! Might have to do a recap like this myself as well. Look, you did get quite a bit done during the year!

    1. Not really done, as started ha ha! I touched quite a bit but very few finishes haha!

  2. That's a great recap and shows how much you did, which was a lot. I promise a pic of the scarf once it arrives in Canada,

    1. You agree with Leonore and strangle I disagree with both of you! Maybe my bar is set to high? And yes, you have the better camera so I know I'll get an excellent shot of Mom with her scarf on!

  3. Fantastic re-cap for the year, I love that you have the good details like when you started things and what you did! (I'm just a lazy picture blogger! haha)

    1. :D I just went through the blogs and laughed every time I came across comments like "nothing else until I finish blah blah blah" It was hilarious! I should know better by now, but I'm ever hopeful ha ha!

      Please continue being a "lazy picture blogger" I LOVE pictures of progress or no progress but pictures!

    2. I should have taken a screenshot of my rotation in my side bar before I made a new one. I crossed things out and put the date when I was finished, and it was definitely not sequential! (nevermind the extra things that appeared).

    3. ha, ha...well mine wasn't sequential until I really went all out and organized my nerdy expando file and then thought...well those should be in order as well...OVER organized if you will. I liked looking at your sidebar to see what was where and never expect anyone to have "order" :D