Saturday, October 11, 2014

WIPocalypse for October

It's October.  What happened to January where I was hell bent on stitching 87 TW patterns?  I STILL haven't finished one! Sometimes it's so rough being a berserker stitcher.  Seriously, I want to stitch everything and sticking with any plan on what to stitch at all and how to get things done and when, is stressful and takes some of the fun out of it.  So I went on a pattern fast that was going well until I purchased Queen Bee for JodiS's Speed Stitch Competition.  I didn't buy the kit, just the pattern so if you click on it just know there is just the pattern on Etsy for much less.

So, WIPocalypse!  I love this and just read one of Measi's blogs about how the name and idea came about and laughed pretty hard.  How many fabulous ideas can YOU think of in 15 seconds while jacked up on coffee?  Quite a few, but this one is very awesome!

This month's question is: Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?

Well let's see...


I'm going with Halloween.  I absolutely LOVE Halloween patterns, the holiday itself, the colors, the fun and the fact that it kicks off the holiday season with flair.

I try and stitch something new every year for Halloween.  

Now I don't usually go for the Christmas stitching, but last year it had occurred to me that I hadn't stitched anything for Christmas since 1996?  It may have been 1995, but no matter, it's been a long time.  So I started stitching my snowmen which really isn't Christmas, but it's as close to "seasonal" as I wanted to go.

Pretty sure it's safe to say at this point that I'm DEFINITELY a Halloween stitcher.  This year's pattern, Skeleton Crew, will be a fabulous new addition if I can get back to it to stitch before Halloween which I'm hoping is soon.

The girls and I have gone "live" with our webpage and Leonore is already taking sign ups for her great idea D.E.S.I.G.N. .  Nancy and Krystal haven't decided what they are going to do yet and CROSS YOUR FINGERS we get the wonderfully creative Magical on board and she creates a page on the website as well.  Curious about the site?  It's is lovingly referred to as NCCIH, which stands for Nerd Central Command International Headquarters.  I have an idea for my own page that might appeal to some and it will tie in very nicely with Leonore's D.E.S.I.G.N. to give everyone a great way to do two things at once, possibly more than that as it could, conceivably, get you hooked up and participating in several other SAL's just by doing one tiny thing. 

You know, this is always the time of year that the ideas for the next year come about.  I've already put a tab up top here called Tons of Tiny Projects which pretty much spoils any secret that might hold! Well, you can speculate all you like since there are several options that could be what it's all about, but think simpler and you would probably be right, ha, ha.

And the house?  I cannot tell you how VERY wonderful this place is.  I have figured out how I want to organize my new NCC, but it is time to start hunting for the items I need to make that vision a reality.  I'm going for streamlined and will try to get rid of the clutter.  Right now doesn't count since all I have is clutter.

Speaking of clutter, I made a couple needle minders today just for funzies and to quell my curiosity. I feel more experimentation is required, but am happy to have played with this today. I see other stitcher's who post pictures of their current WIP's and they have the cutest little needle minders clinging hopefully to their stitching.  I've wanted one, so I made one...and then two and now I want to make more.

I apologize for the poor picture quality, but sadly I wasn't prepared to share this little tidbit just yet.

The one on the left is pretty and sparkly and "Autumn", but I have these pieces that could be made into bracelets (I believe that was the intended purpose but POO on that!) I wanted to test it out as a needle minder. 

The butterfly....well who doesn't like a butterfly?  That is a flat bead, I have a set of ten which are different.  Then I have these buttons that are pretty wonderful and would make great needle minders....but there you have it. Great ideas.  One word of advice...thoroughly clean your magnets before using them.  You might even want to paint them to ensure that they never leave magnet leavings on your fabric and ruin a project!  Gads that would be bad!  So glad I checked my hands before attempting to stick magnets to front and back!  Dirty fingers revealed this pinch of wisdom that I now share with you.

Now I am sleepy and think I will wander off to bed.  I have speed stitching to do tomorrow and with any luck NO INTERRUPTIONS!  Coffee pot is ready for 5:00am (I'm a morning person so shhhhh!) and everything is in it's place for stitching!!

Until next time...Happy Stitching!


  1. I knew you're a Halloween girl, and what lovely pieces you stitch! I can't wait to see you continue on this year's ship!
    Needle minders have been peeking my curiousity for quite some time now, but you know how ordering this stuff is here...making them yourself is a different story, though, I might try that, looks like fun!

    1. The best part is that it is really inexpensive AND you get to choose what you like as a topper :D It took all of 10 minutes to make, give it another 30 minutes to make sure the glue is dry and then USE! :D

  2. Hmmm......might have to make some of my own like you did. What did you paint your magnets with? Clear nail polish??

    1. The needle minders are adorable, I haven't wanted one yet but it's fun looking at the prettys. I especially like the bracelet one. Mainly because I love wearing them

    2. I just cleaned my magnets off really, really well and they don't smudge or leave marks at all. I was thinking about using nail polish on the magnets and will probably pick some up today to give that a try on a new minder.

    3. Nancy I have three different colors for the bracelet one,so I'll make one up for each of the other two today and see how you like them :D