Sunday, October 19, 2014

IHSW and More Adventure With the House

The Saturday Hangout was BUSY!  Magical, Krystal and Nancy were there and we got down to some serious stitching.  Krystal is so close to being done with her Stocking for her niece and is ahead of schedule.  Nancy spent quite a bit of time trying to stay online and chasing her brother away but still managed a few stitches.  Magical just taught herself how to "knook" which looks like fun and may have to be tried by yours truly once the rush of stitching is done and I have a moment to breathe.

For those of you who do not cross stitch or craft in general, WE are aware that it seems silly to be on a video chat when it's mostly silent, heads bowed to our work....but you are wrong.  Conversations happen....quite a bit of conversation.  Swearing at your project is fun.  Complaining that the floss colors described look nothing like what you are holding in your hand  and according to Nancy we should start our own line of floss and fabric called "Shit Floss" to go with "Shit Fabric" and "Shit Patterns", which then brought about people's perception of what color "shit" really is which brought us back to the current issue of "is this color really green?"

There is also quite a bit of show and tell and discussion about projects, family, current events in each other's lives, blabbing about work and children and pets and housemate's pets.  It really is a busy time for all of us in the Hangout and for you fellow stitchers....TRY IT!  You will love it! 

Here's what I finished by 8:00 pm last night and Krystal and Nancy were nice enough to stick with me until I did it.

That Bee is pretty kick-ass and I love the rich colors.

Krystal finished doing an "outline" of where her white floss is going on her stocking and was filling in the empty space right about the same time which was lovely and Nancy was still working on her beautiful bush....and yes I understand that sounds so wrong...but her bush really is beautiful!

After the girls signed off, I got up and stretched and gauged how tired or awake I was and knew I could press onward with the stitching.  I decided to finish my current Hamish MacBeth audio book and that should be my queue to get to bed.  A few hours later and I was wondering if I stitch slower as the day ticks down to midnight or if I had fallen asleep while stitching....I'm thinking I was awake, but then I was filling in some large sections.

Two and a half leaves done.  Hopefully we will make a dent today.  After stitching for 26 years I still have problems figuring out just how long it takes to stitch things. Besides, Elizabeth isn't my only concern on the speed stitch I have to worry about Lynn as well as she came out of NOWHERE and had four pages done in a snap.  I MUST WIN!!

While I was having fun with my girls yesterday, my housemate, Michael, was putting my table and chairs together.  I have to admit he's getting pretty good about putting things together, but I figure after having done the TV stand, ANYTHING will be easier and he proved that yesterday.

Yes, this is a 60" TV and yes it's awesome, but that stand which looks so simple to assemble required a PhD in Engineering and a few extra arms and two young people.

Michael is the slow and steady type.  I just stay out of the way so he can focus.  Staying out of the way has given him the space and time to build that beautiful stand. Then he built three DVD racks and a bookcase for his stuff.

Yesterday Michael took on the dining table and chairs.  It comes in a big flat box which he opened in the garage and piece by piece brought upstairs to the living room to assemble.  I assisted only to bring up the table top and boxes with table stand so I was helping but not interfering.

College Football on the big screen, tools at the ready, hot coffee by his side, Inspektor Kitteh making sure he was doing it correctly and he began assembling.

It is BEAUTIFUL!  And sturdy and beautiful.  

I really hope Michael understands how awesome these little projects he does are.  He should feel accomplished and proud of himself.

He just had his three year anniversary on Friday.  He moved up here to Alaska three years ago with just his truck and few belongings and no prospects whatsoever.  He is the ONLY person I know to have gotten a job and an apartment within the first three weeks of being here. And it's just getting better each day.

Alaska doesn't agree with everyone but it sure does agree with him.  Of course I'm a die hard Alaskan and I knew this was the place for him.  He really is Living the Dream! 

As Michael said last night, the only thing we really need next is a comfortable couch and he's set!  I laughed because he's forgetting about the boys room which still needs beds and closet cupboards and paint....but then I think I'll be doing that one while he snickers and heckles from the livingroom.  

Now, I've had coffee, gushed on about my project, house and housemate and must get back to stitching....Elizabeth and Lynn will NOT win!!  Great motto to go by while I stitch away!

Until next time....happy stitching!


  1. You have been steaming ahead! Well done! Keep up the good work! I've been crocheting my dr who hat today, takes a LOT of counting though.

    Michael has done an awesome job! well done :D

    1. Pictures of hat please!! I looked for a knook needle and could not find one and may have to order on line :(

    2. Pictures have been blogged as I went full on bezerker chrocheter. :) Larna grossa has some knooking needles - they are usually cunningly hidden amongst the crochet needles online so perhaps they are also hidden there in shops.

      I am currently using my new knook hook to crochet some slippers with some of the remaining leftover scarf yarn. The hook arrived this am along with some lovely yarn to knook myself a XL shawl and some totally awesome soft yarn for a shorter scarf for the autumn as the dr who scarf will be too hot for that ;) some blue/brown sock yarn and some fingering yarn in rainbow colour may also have mysteriously found itself into the box

    3. I will have to order online and am now really eager to try knooking! It looks like fun and I'm wondering if I will be able to do more than just garter stitch with it? I love the moss stitch and the seed stitch so that will be fun to try :D

      Sounds like you are VERY into it which makes me want to try it more!

  2. Micheal's work still looks fantastic, Lady Door must be an amazing supervisor.
    The bush is pretty but has 5 bazillion colours in it. And I have my doubts the the Shit fabric and floss line would sell well, now it's off to stitch, or nap. Nope, definitely nap

    1. nAP GOOOOOD!!! I agree, and like I said yesterday....the argument was actually be what color is that exactly?

  3. Wish I could have been with you on the hangout, but it sounds like you had plenty of fun either way, which is great! You made lots of progress on your bee, which is great and well, and don't get me started on how great that table is - greatness everywhere!

    1. Never fear my dear there is always next time or we can MAKE TIME for you! I know the girls will do it just so we can all spend some time with you and see your new place :D

  4. Sounds like you had a good hang out... I love that table! It looks great!

    And I just love Queen bee, she's just so sharp looking.

    1. Thank you! I love that table too and it matches my cupboards! I should take some new pictures from the other direction to show that for the next blog post :D

      Ordinarily I would not have chosen a pattern like Queen Bee, but I'll tell you what! It really is very pretty and I'm really glad I went for this competition. There is a "higher up" at work who has a sign in her office that says Queen Bee so I'm thinking I'll give it to her when it's finished :D