Thursday, October 16, 2014

FNSI and IHSW!!!

How completely wonderful to find so many different scheduled dates to do what I love most!  FNSI is "Friday Night Sew In" which is hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs.  It's not too late to sign up.  All you have to do is sign up, do some stitching,sewing, knitting or whatever and blog about it.  Pretty simple.

That is how I plan to start my International Hermit Stitch Weekend! Saturday will be the Hangout with the girls and then Sunday it's just me and stitching unless someone wants to Hangout.

These two things could NOT have come at a better time.  Today ends a week that should never have happened so after the three day weekend I should be recharged and ready to sounds good here and I'm excited about it right now....but I am just beginning my three day weekend so one never knows what will happen.  I'm hoping for a great start to next week and that is that!

What will I work on this weekend?  I shall show you!

I really need to pick up the pace and get this finished.  Not only do I have to WIN the Speed Stitch Competition over at Unconventional X Stitch, but I need to get Skeleton Crew finished before Halloween!

I'm trying to tell myself this is the easy part and it will go really fast. What I need to do is turn off my com and my phone and ONLY allow Hamish MacBeth into my NCC so I can finish before the Hangout on Saturday. It won't happen like that but one can hope.

I have tonight to get some done and all day tomorrow, except for a coffee meet with my girl Patricia, and then all evening Friday night for FNSI and the start to IHSW, then Saturday Hangout at which time I plan on FINISHING.

You and I both know about the best laid plans....being a Berserker Stitcher may be good for this contest but is never good for planning anything ha, ha!

So, let's shake off this week at work, have a glass of the red stuff (Tonight is 19 Crimes from Aus, please click on the linky and then make sure you click the box saying you are of legal age, it's hilarious), stretch a little and then GET BUSY!

Until next time my lovelies <3 p="">


  1. IHSW took place the last three days for me. Unfortunately I work all weekend. I will try to get to the hangout but it won't be until late afternoon. But wait until you see what I got done this week

  2. I'm sorry for your week, I hope the weekend will be much better! Queen B is looking awesome so far, make me want to got stitching and doing stuff I don't have much time for at the moment :( I'm not even sure I'll make it to the hangout, there furniture to build and shopping to do...but I'll try!

    1. I completely understand if you don't make it, you have quite a bit to do and adding a hangout to the list might stress you too much :D Enjoy your move in time and if you find five minutes that would be lovely, if not....well you know we will wait for pictures!

  3. It's going great! I do hope the stitching goes well without too many distractions, don't forget to take the occasional 5 minute break to let your hands/arms relax so you don't end up hurting!

    It will be good to hangout again, and it looks like we will both be finishing something this weekend :)

    ps: did you see my google chat message from a few days ago? You may have missed it due to berserker mode being engaged <3

    1. AHHH!! I just found the message and am messaging you now! I did stitch until 10pm last night and my competitor Elizabeth freaked out and stated she needed to "pull an all nighter" to get ahead of me again :D Fortunately this pattern has some large areas that are all one color so cross your fingers!

    2. No worries - I knew you had your berserker blinkers on for this race <3

      An al lnighter? That's a bit much! All spare appendages are crossed!

    3. Well I did suggest she be well rested, take a nice 12 hour snooze and follow that up with excessive napping...thus ensuring I would be in the lead!

    4. That is *so* considerate of you - being well rested is so important :)