Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September TUSAL and Speed Stitching

September ORT
As you know, I was supposed to start this month off with the Skeleton Crew pattern and then HOUSE happened and that was put off until September 20th for IHSW.  Everything is late once again, but seriously, I was busy!

My little tangle of threads is from a cute little project that Krystal created for our upcoming website and my thread leavings from Skeleton Crew.  Not much going on in the ORT jar at present, but give me another week and it will be much more satisfying to look at.

For some reason I did not do a progression video for my Spooky Welcome but I think that was because it stitched up so fast....I'm really not sure why I didn't.  This year I will be doing the progression video for the Skeleton Crew and have a nice start to that already.

Pattern and actual fabric
The fabric is "Twixt and Tween" from Silkweavers and please believe me when I say that NONE of the pictures on the website do the fabric any justice at all.

The website picture was more washed out but still attractive enough for me to say, "I think I'll get that for this pattern but if I don't like it I have plenty of time to find something else"  (Yes, I take my Halloween patterns very seriously and start the choosing of pattern and fabric early).

Online picture
When the fabric was received I was so thrilled with it I emailed Silkweavers to let them know their online scanned pictures do NOTHING to show the quality and beauty and actual coloring of their fabric.  I LOVES it.  Even now I loves it as I stitch away.

You can see the fabric in my picture here and tell me honestly if you would have dare purchased said fabric or even taken the chance that I did just going by the online picture?

It looks more like coffee and cream and hot chocolate, but I was brave and went for it and I could NOT be happier with the outcome.  So now I will show you how incredibly perfect this pattern is on this fabric and you will see how FUN it is to play with hand dyed fabric!

The fabric is cooperating with the pattern very nicely and the best part is that the way the colors are swirled, it all looks like fog and such blowing the same way as the flag and ghost....THIS project is AWESOME.

There was a moment of worry that I wouldn't be able to stick the moon near that white area, but luckily, after counting three times it worked out.

I'm doing one over one on 16ct and was unsure about that until I noticed the sparkles on the fabric shine through which adds to the picture, so it stays as is and once again, another Halloween project I'm completely in love with!

Speed Stitch Competition with UnconventionalX starts in three hours and sadly I have to go to work, but will be participating.  This was the one time I have broken my pattern buying fast because I had to in order to participate and before you all come after me and say things like "you could have passed on the competition" or some other nonsense like that, remember back in 2009 when Jody had the Celtic Peacock competition?  It's Jody again and another fun pattern called Queen Bee.  Would you resist?  I thought not!  There aren't that many of us this time around, so this will be tight race to the finish!

Now I have to get my butt to work, heavy sighhhhhh.

Until next time.....keep warm and keep stitching!


  1. It looks wonderful already! I can't wait to see it grow!

    I didn't know about the speed stitching for the lovely peacock but I hope it goes well for you, the bee looks fun :)

    1. I hate that I'm seriously late working on this project and should have been done already but HOUSE was really more important :D The Celtic Peacock competition was through dA back in 2009 and Jody was giving us a section of pattern each week to stitch...that's where I had my EPIC FAIL with the linen but really was in the running for a win! I'm really happy to participate again and am hoping that I get to start on Aus time (it starts in three hours) instead of Alaska time which is 18 hours away!

    2. The house is MUCH MUCH more important I'm sure you will get it done, perhaps not exactly on time for Halloween but on the other hand you know why it's late and it will add a story to the embroidery.

      Aha - before I got back into embroidery then :) Sounds like a really fun thing to do :) I hope you do manage to start on oz time then!

    3. You are right about the house, I've waited for most of the year to get it and now it's here and I'm in it and it's wonderful! Started the speed stitching competition at 8am my time which was 12am Aus time and at present there are six of us competing :D Working on it right now! I think the Skeleton Crew will be done in plenty of time, but I'm always optimistic hahaha

    4. Wonderful is good :D I'm so happy for you!

      Yay go Carla Go!!

      Hopefully - you can always do a bit of binge stitching in a weekend ;)

    5. I love binge stitching! It's been pouring buckets lately so stitching is exactly the right thing to do :D

    6. :D Seems like the weather is being good for you ;)

  2. I loved doing that peacock, but didn't go for it this time due to Cindy, maybe if she does it again.
    I swear they made that fabric just for that pattern, it is way to perfect.

    1. I believe Jody will continue doing it, especially if more interest is shown from this one here. She says others may join in during the next 24 hours because US time is 18 hours behind Aus time so the competition started this morning technically speaking :D

      I think you are right about the fabric! It is truly amazing and I can't wait to finish so I can share it with Silkweavers to show them what they did!

  3. Oh, this ship is coming along great, I love the fabric and I love the fact that there is and will be stitchy blogs from you again; I missed that! I'm glad your move is more-or-less over so you'll have a cozy stitching place for the winter ^_^

    That spped stitching sounds awesome as well, please show lots of progress pictures (as far as it doesn't slow you down, haha :D)

  4. I've been pondering what fabric to do Skeleton Crew on, and had never considered something like the one you chose, but WOW, it looks great!

    1. Right? It took me awhile to find it and then I didn't really like what I saw on line, but like I said, the online pictures does NOT do the fabric I ordered justice at all. Get creative is what I say! Take a chance, all you will be doing if the fabric isn't right is adding something fun to your stash hahahaha! I'd love to see your finished Crew!