Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eight Color Contest Inbetween Blather

Yesterday, being what it was, did not allow time for stitching.  With my determination one would think I would have forced in at least five minutes.  It was not meant to be!

When I awoke yesterday morning I had no idea how the rest of the day would play out.  Pretty sure that's a fact for most people...I could be wrong.  Assuming it would be pretty much like every other day, well, that is where the day took a sharp left turn and the road throughout the day became increasingly more perilous.

As I have said, I awoke yesterday morning.  Strangely my first reaction to the day was to put my alarm on a 20 minute snooze.  My bladder had other plans.  Drat!  Fine! I'm up now.  Off to the shower, dressed and ready for work I lock up and wander up the stairs to the street where I observe two posts in front and in back of my car.  One post has a sign attached that states NO PARKING SEPTEMBER 19 all day and OCTOBER 19 all day.  I am in the middle of the street trying with all my might to figure out what this means since the current date was October 9.  I remember being parked there ALL DAY on September 19, but honestly don't know if I would be parked in that very spot on October 19.....all day.

The inner conversation continues.....was I not supposed to be parking there FROM September 19 to October 19?  If so, why on earth would someone just post this TODAY?  The rude sign is very clear about my car being impounded if I don't remove it from that very spot....but by WHEN? 

What makes this situation far more entertaining than it already is, is the fact that my car hasn't moved in two months.  The starter refused to perform it's function.  There were no extra funds for a new one.  What I had been doing was slowing rolling my car forward so that it would be first in the queue on the street to make it easier to tow to the mechanic....not be towed and impounded by the city.  I'm pretty confident I had no intention of having the city tow and impound my vehicle at any time.  Might have to check my daily planner, but with 99.99999% confidence, I'm sure it wasn't on the to-do list.

Well, I needed to get to work so off I wander with a heart full of concern.  When I arrived at work my work space had been decorated to celebrate my birthday.  Oh yeah, forgot about that, but there it was...a lovely reminder. 

While on the phone trying to find someone to take my car to be fixed, other's were frantically trying to call me.  I don't know about you all, but if you are on the phone and continue to get calls coming in, it's slightly annoying.  My daughter is calling me but won't leave voice mail.  What is it with autistics and voice mail?  Anyway, I get off the phone with the last guy who told me it was a "no-can-do" situation, call my daughter back who informs me that my neighbor had called her "too early" to discuss my car, endured some ugly comments from her majesty and finally had to have a "moment" to breathe.

Well isn't this nice?  My car is the talk of the neighborhood now.  What wretched rumors are going round?  Is someone speaking ill of my little blue car?  It's such an unassuming little car and to have all of this attention suddenly fall upon it, I can only imagine how awful my car feels!  I called my neighbor who informed me he spoke to the people who actually want the space my car is in for equipment that will help with the fixing of the roof of the church.  It's not the city that wants me to move, just some construction workers.  That is certainly a weight off my shoulders.  They are also not so impatient that they would tow my car, so we had an after work plan to roll the car up hill to a new spot.

After that call, my work day was so full of WORK, well, it was a long stressful day.   Finally got hold of a service station that will take my car and fix it which thrills me to no end.  New starter, new's the least I can do for the little blue car after all of the unwanted attention.

Car moved, my daughter made a birthday dinner for me and gave me presents too.  It was lovely.......

And yet, no time for stitching yesterday.  Honestly I'm not very sad about that because it was such an adventure!  Okay, new rule....when not stitching, have an adventure!

Until next time.....


  1. If you call this adventure I think I'll stick with quiet days ;)