Saturday, August 4, 2012

Knit Picks and Customer Service

I have been a fan of Knit Picks for several years now and have to say that for a website dedicated to providing outstanding fibers for crochet and knitting, the coolest needles on the planet and some other fun things (I really could go on all day), one thing that surpasses all of that is their customer service.

You have the ability to leave a note to ask questions or discuss any issues you have with the product you ordered and they get right back to you.   I recently ordered some Chroma Worsted Weight yarn called Prism which is amazing to work with, along with two coffee cups.

The coffee cups arrived in the same box but were cracked and chipped due to the rough handling of shipping.  I sent a note to those lovely ladies at Knit Picks and they sent out two more cups immediately.

I don't usually gush on about a company or a product unless it is the most spectacular, and in this case I cannot say enough about the wonderful people and products that Knit Picks has.

Yes, some of the products are expensive, but the downloadable patterns are quick and easy to obtain and the prices for those vary between $1.99 and $4.99.  

Another wonderful place to shop for beads and sequins and buttons is Cartwright's Sequins and Beads.  It is difficult to find sequins for projects and when I was told about these lovely people ten years ago I have watched their website expand to include many other things.

If nothing else, give them both a browse!  and

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