Thursday, January 23, 2014

January SFS and Vinnie Stretch Segment 3

No sooner do I sign up for Stitch From Stash and I have the incredible and uncontrollable urge to splurge.  It was awful, but neato at the same time.  I'm a little ashamed, HOWEVER, the fabric I ordered is for specific projects I will be working on this year with no extra just for I did alright there.  One pattern I purchased as a gift stitch project, and there was this TW pattern and some of you already know about the HAED mini which is my first ever HAED pattern.  

Do you know what Heaven and Earth call their most recent sale????  DO YOU??!!! STASH ENHANCEMENT SALE.  Try and be good when that is in your face just begging you to do something rash.  Oh yeah, it was an Amy Brown pattern......I feel I should be hanging my head in shame here, but I can't!  I'm giggling instead, but still trying very hard to be shamefaced about it....not succeeding.

So here is the grand total: $71.59.  I emailed Mel and explained that some of that was for a gift and she had me subtract that part so my actual balance for January is $31.59.  $25.00 for January and a carryover balance into February of $6.59.  With all of the projects I have to do, I verified that I have fabric and floss and patterns to keep me busy all year (okay the next several years who am I kidding here?) so there shouldn't be anymore massive spending like that again (still kidding!)....unless I see those sweet, sweet words STASH ENHANCEMENT SALE.  No more visits to HAED.

On to Vinnie and the song he sings!  Because I am tired after work I don't get in more than an hour of stitching Monday through Thursday, so it's a little bit every day and it makes me VERY happy.

This is a super fun pattern to stitch made more exciting when my eyes are tired so it took a bit to make sure I understood stitch placement and then I could sit back and stitch.  The nice thing about repetitive borders is being able to figure it out quickly and not sit hunched over a pattern for hours.

I have contemplated working on a few projects at a time.  Some of the blogs I've been reading lately have wonderful ideas on rotating projects.  A few stitchers switch daily, one gives each project 10 hours and goes to the next and so on.  I'm not sure I could do that, so that idea is still up in the air, but I really do like the idea of 10 hours per project and then switch.  We shall see.  I'm usually better mentally if I'm focused on one project at a time, too many songs in the head and the head explodes, so I'm assuming it comes with practice.  Let me know what you all think about these rotational ideas...

Until next time..... 


  1. Wow, that must be a really great gift you are planing there...fantastic news that gift-stuff won't count for SFS though, I got some ideas in my head to that might or might not hinder my not-buying-stuff.

    I realized that for my, none of these very strict rotation rules work for very long...I just like to have two projects going at a time, so I can switch back and forth when frustration or boredom hit, and I try to not have more than two or three projects going at a time. But forcing myself with some set of rules just doesn't seem right; it's supposed to be relaxing and fun after all :)

    1. I agree! I thought I would try it anyway since I have to many "little things" I need to get done quickly, maybe the 10 hour rotation might work out for a little while. I shall experiment and see what happens :D

  2. You are making me want to start stretch, it's not time for me to start my Norbert. I have bookmarks to finish, a baby record to make, not to mention Cindy. Oh and according to you, I need a biscornu to use instead of my mousepad.
    That HAED mini you go is gorgeous, but not mini, it's bigger than anything I've made. I'm so proud of you BAP's are the best.

  3. It said it wasn't very big but I fear I may have bitten off something nasty there ha ha!!! If I can finish that this year along with everything else then that WILL be an achievement you will be proud of :D Do you really think it's bigger than anything you have stitched? Cindy is pretty I have to go and see just how big a "mini" is!!

  4. Yay for the progress so far - can't wait to see how fast you finish him once he gets his rotation slot again :)