Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooky Welcome Segment 2

14.25 hours later and we have successfully used one skein of DMC 310!  Hamish cheered me onward and even found the person who killed two people and would have killed a third if she had known the third person had deceived her....he didn't find the cell phone though, a little sad about that one.

Now, Dean R Koontz is amusing me, but I need sleep.  Tomorrow is book club and then back to stitching. 

One down, 10 to go!

I was right about my mind wandering around munching on the ideas I have about other keeps happening and then I have to come back to reality and do a mental slap to keep me in real time.

I did think that this would be great practice for Cosmos where there will be miles and miles of blue after blue after blue after blue after blue and then some whitish blue, but only just a tiny bit.  I appreciate the practice though, and look forward to that project in the near-ish future.

Until next time...or in this case; until the end of the next skein!