Monday, October 21, 2013

I Can Read!

It's always a little....I don't want to say "annoying" or "frustrating".... when I am trying to make my blog do what I think it should and cannot, for the life of me, figure out why it won't do what I want it to do AND where is the dang information to tell me how to make it do what I want it do to??

Yes, if I had bothered READING instead of impatiently clicking on things and hoping for the best, my blog would be just how I want it and my daughter wouldn't be so afraid to enter Nerd Central Command.

I now have "tabs" or what blogger refers to as "pages" which is why I haven't had the TABS before (they ARE tabs and that is what I will continue calling must click on the TAB to get to the PAGE, am I RIGHT?).  Who knew that one would have to seek out PAGES, something I found time and again and didn't understand to be the thing I wished to find in the first place?  I'm still perplexed but will obediently follow the directions I have READ.

Who knew that a nerdy person such as myself would have so many issues?  It only took me four years here on blogger to figure this stuff out, ha, ha!  

Never fear my happy readers!!  I found the "help" section and when I typed in "tabs" in the search bar the compu-tator knew exactly what I meant and took me to the easy peasy directions and now I have tabs, and a bunch of other groovy things as you can plainly see, because I took the time to READ.  Strange how things went so much faster once I knew how to make it happen....let's do the math: four hours of fumbling around and still not getting it right OR spend five minutes READING the directions and then five minutes updating or adding and we are done....mission accomplished.  I'll click on TAB B please. :-]

I'm off to a slow start on my Spooky Welcome...but at least I have finally started!  Stay tuned for more updates as I figure things out because I can READ!!! WOO HOO!

until next time.....   


  1. HA!!!! and you dogged me for not "reading" my Createspace" web site when we were working on my book!! Yeah I felt silly when i admitted I am a "click around the site till i can make it work" kinda gal. So now the truth comes out!! Carla - you silly girl! :)

    1. It is true!!! I have been making it a habit to READ, but never took the time here to READ ha ha!!

  2. Funny - I was sure you could already read ;) yay for finding the manual and taking the time to read it :)