Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 WIPocalypse

2017!  I can  hardly believe it.  I'm overjoyed by the newness!  It's just so wonderful.  

The first question of the year is:  Introduce yourself, your projects and any goals you have for the year.

Introducing myself:  I'm recently "retired", mother of three grown children, and ready for the next adventurous road life has to offer.

I went to my 2016 Finish it Up tab and copied this...STILL goals I'd like to achieve.

WIPS TO WORK ON:                                                      

12 Days of Christmas
Cead Mile Failte

Celtic Goddess
English Cottage Sampler
Flowers of the Month Bookmarks

Satsuma Street Citrus Biscornu
Stitching Pirates
Unseen Things

Motif a Day!


Pat's Quilt
Snowmen wall hanging
Derpy dice Bag
Rag Basket
Flowers For Nancy

You might have noticed that Celtic Goddess is back on the list...why?  Because the designer of this pattern contacted me hoping I still had her pattern!  Her home had been invaded, computers were stolen, her business suffered greatly, sites had to be shut down, pass words changed....and it has taken her five or six years to recover.  So back on the list the Goddess goes and because I hoard emails like hers, I was able to return her pattern.  

That list up seems that at the rate I'm going, I'll get done with it all when I get done with it all and not a moment sooner.  I've been frustrating myself for YEARS by putting up unreasonable deadlines or even thinking I could finish by a deadline.  So no more of that.

There is no guarantee that whatever I might have planned to happen this year will happen, so I'm going with the flow to see where it takes me.

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!


  1. Seems like a reasonable list and I think you are very smart to avoid self imposed deadlines.

    As to your question(s), just head on over to my blog:

    1. I have added you to my reading list! thank you :D

  2. congrats on your retirement, I'm counting down!! but I'm not very close yet :(

    Love you list and can't wait to see more. I have some of your charts as well, want to start Lizzy Kate's Unseen soon.

    1. Let's call it a Semi-Retirement. I expect I'll live entirely too long but for us stitchers that is a mighty fine thing isn't it?

      This not working thing is definitely working for me at this time, I'm considering something part time for a little bit, but I haven't made a decision on that one yet.

  3. It looks like you are in a similiar place like I was last year for that sign in post - now more deadlines (never works for me, but still!), no more plans, just going with the flow! It's such a great feeling. Only you really have the time to achieve something so shower us with those pretty pictures, girl!

    1. And showering you I shall! Strangely I have been stitching quite a bit so maybe something can get done this year :D

  4. I'm so happy to see the Goddess back on the list. Can't wait to see what you get up to this year

    1. YES! And now that I have 12 billion highlighter pens I might be able to see the symbols better. :D

  5. It's wonderful to watch you having so much wonderful stuff going on again! I haven't gotten around to watch your floss tubes yet (since my weekend has been incredibly busy) but believe me, I will!