Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Duper Mini Rawr Review Addition!

After the product review came out yesterday for the Mini Rawr pattern, fabric and floss pack, Jody contacted me to let me know that the floss "situation" had been resolved!  She had been working it out since our last conversation involving that math I told you about yesterday. Obviously she is better at the math than I am.

I know some stitchers don't buy every skein of floss available and ONLY go with what is provided so they don't have an NCC full of crafty goodness...or maybe you are a nomad and live the tiny house life and honestly there is no room for clutter....anywho, for me the floss running out was a concern (because I care about quality as much as the next consumer) and as per usual, Jody took care of that right away. Isn't she great??  She really is great.

She will not be providing that fabric since my creative honesty about the many uses of the AIDA bordered on serious danger.  Frankly, I never thought of cross stitching as a dangerous craft...except this one time I was listening to "KOKO" read by James Woods back in 1990 and my landlady popped in suddenly and if I hadn't been wearing glasses I would have lost an eye because she startled me. Since then there hasn't been any kind of safety issue.....until this AIDA.  Really it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be, but it was funny to write about.  However, I do agree with her that the fabric was not the quality she would normally hand out.  Jody never told me where she got this particular chunk of peril and that might be for the best in the end.  No one should have to go through that.

As always, Jody wants to provide a quality product.  We are all very fortunate that she goes to the lengths that she does.  You all know that there are some who really only care about getting your money one way or another.  She is also the kind of person who DOES take critique seriously and jumps in 100%.  Right now she's figuring out how to hand craft needleminders.  Not just any needleminders, but the kind of needleminder that screams "You cannot continue to exist if I am not with you immediately".

For those of you who don't think you need a needleminder, think again.  They make fabulous fridge magnets. If you work in a cubicle like I did, you can line them up at eye level on that stupid shelf that has those binders full of crap you will never read but you were told you cannot get rid of because it's company policy to keep them until the end of time...but shiny, pretty needleminders will ease you back to a place of tranquility.  Jody has so many different kinds of minders there is no way there isn't one or twelve just for you.

If you didn't head over to the Etsy shop yesterday (because you spent 18 hours reading the review) please do so today.  Check it out, make the store a favorite.  Stocking stuffers!  If you don't see anything you like, just drop Jody a note. Chances are good she has something just for you.

Unconventional X Stitch......Go there, you will not be disappointed!

Tomorrow....a personal share blog....until then.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'

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