Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I think I mentioned my painful back issues which started up when my son was here visiting.  Little did I know what was going on!

Each day that passed found increasing pain and muscle seizures, the inability to stand for long periods of time and at first only walking and laying down were available options.  Last week only laying down was an option.

At that point I did some research online and went to several different medical websites to get an idea as to what I should or should not be doing BEFORE I call my health care provider.  Every one of them said to use a hot pad off and on for a week or two and if the pain continues or gets worse then call your doctor.

Sighhh, I had to call.  Reached Defcon 5 on the pain o' meter and I'll tell you this:  I'm a redhead with a seriously high tolerance for pain.  This means it had to be seriously awful, which is was.

Met with my PA Dana who did all the simple tests required and then sent me off to have X-rays done.  Had to wait over the weekend to find out what was up and all I can say is thank goodness I was able to start GISHWHES on Saturday and fellow stitcher Shiloh and I hammered the list out and put names in as people shouted out what they wanted to do.  It was fun, but after a few hours I was worn out and had to wander off to beach myself on my bed.

Side note here:  It is official!  Since I stopped working at the claim center I dropped 15 pounds!  A little sad for me since I had just spent actual money on clothes that would fit and now they don't fit, ha, ha.  I see the weight dropping more so I'll get that checked again in a few weeks.

Monday rolled around and it has been determined that I have Sciatica...apparently my L5 is doing mean things like squishing it's insides out and pushing painfully against a nerve. I've heard of this before but actually thought it was heart related ha, ha!  I know better now and feel kind of dumb for not knowing.  It's a funny word for "OW this really F-ing hurts!!!"  

Thanks to the Mayo Clinic for having pictures like these available for us visual learners!  While browsing around I found the page you can go to donate if you wish.  If you would like to check it out just clicky on Mayo Clinic Donate.

What is the best part about this Sciatica?  Well, I will be having weekly massages that my insurance pays for because it's for a medical condition. Never had a massage before so this is all new. I've always thought that if I did get one I'd sure want one of those Shiatsu massages because it is so good for so many things.  Apparently our medical massages are going to do the same thing and I guarantee I have some physical and spiritual blockages that need assistance!

I am on a dose pack for six days with all the usual side affects (and don't forget to contact your health care provider if death occurs) but so far it's just making things so much better.  

I'm hoping tomorrow is even better than today so that I can get more done on my GISHWHES list for my team.  Thankfully I did find a few NOT physically challenging items which can be done quite easily.  Excited about that.  My team will probably be excited about my getting them done.

For now, it's rest.  Being in pain really wears a person out and I can't tell you how many comas I've been in recently!  Honestly, I just thought a nice little nap would refresh me and next thing I know it's tomorrow.  The body trying to heal I suppose.

I am seriously hopeful that this week will be the week I finish my Dr. Who Shada Scarf.  If not this week then next week.  Cross stitching is SCREAMING at me, but I have sewing to do before I get back to Celtic Goddess and everything else on my list :D

That's is for now.  Please keep on blogging!  It gives me nothing but pure joy to see what everyone else is doing during this time of discomfort!


  1. Glad you know what was wrong, knowledge helps weirdly enough. But rest when you can, and when awake hassle your governor for yardwork, and be glad you're to far away for me to shanghai into helping me pack 7 boxes of apples up and down a hill.

    1. I agree, it really is better to know and does make it easier to handle. As of today the back pain has subsided with just a little stiffness and sore muscles from gimping around with one leg dragging behind :D

      I'm thinking I might have to find another politician but it's Wednesday and I'm not sure anyone is in town right now :(

      About those cases of apples...don't you have a wagon or handtruck? I'd totally pull a wagon of apples :D

    2. I had a dolly, but still had to get the boxes of the stack since there was no way I was taking more than 2 at a time down the hill, not far at all, but steep, they would have run away on me. Dad told me to use his truck, but the bed is so high it's a pain in the ass to use, so I went the manual root, and my brother laughed at me.

  2. Oh no, that sounds so painful :/ I hope the massages will help and that you'll be feeling better soon.

    Shada Scarf knitting sounds like a decent thing to do while lying down, I hope you'll finish it soon so we'll be able to see lots of delicious updates from your side :D

    1. Well, it's no longer painful and life is becoming grand again! Hope that is a delicious update :D

      It seems everyone is just as in suspense about the scarf as I am because we are right on the edge of being done!!!

  3. :( I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. However, if there is anything you might need help on with GI
    SHWHES let me know and I can try to help out.

    1. OOOOO, we might need help on Saturday as that is the last day just in case something needs completing right now :D

    2. I'll be in Kingwood on Sat but feel free to send me a text via FB

    3. I certainly will! THANK YOU! I will let Nancy and Shiloh know as well :D