Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great Big Finish and Great Big News!

Well, it took two years but it's finished.  The Doctor Who Shada Scarf!

It is a little over 14 feet long.  If you are interested in the pattern and learning more about this fabulosity (not a word but it sounds appropriate here) please visit the Dr Who Scarf website.  

I chose Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn to create this masterpiece.  If you are interested in doing the same thing here are my specs for the project:

1 Hollyberry #23419 (a perfect color for the 15 rows of Burgundy at one end)
2 Currant #24647
2 Tumeric # 25651
3 Amber Heather #23893
3 Bramble Heather # 25073
4 Almond # 25072
4 Thyme # 24066
4 Firecracker Heather # 23896

I used size 7 knitting needles as I felt 6 was too small and 8 and 9 were too big.  This conclusion was reached after looking at a multitude of pictures of Tom Baker and his lovely scarf.  Also, one end has a "light grey" which the Marble Heather # 25976 would have been good for, but I had already knitted quite a bit before I noticed the pattern called for a different color on that end. The finished scarf is quite heavy but oh so wonderful to wrap yourself up in.

The best part is this is a gift for Nancy's mom and this secret has been kept for two years!!  THIS year she will receive this wonderful thing and I really hope she loves it.

You think this finish was so awesome that there couldn't possibly be more?  What could possibly top a Dr. Who Scarf?  Hmmmmm, let's see.....

Yesterday I had breakfast with Michael and Leah (Leah had said she wanted to talk to us about some "potential" good news) and, well, annnnndddd, welllllll......

We move into our house on September 13th!!!  Oh yes....I almost re-injured my back doing the happy dance.  Of course I have to now pack like a mad woman but that is alright because I'm hiring a moving service to pick up and drop off and all I will do is pack and stage everything.  

It couldn't come at a better time.  This couldn't have been a more wonderful piece of news.  The elation won't peak until I have handed the keys to my humble apartment to my landlord and drive "home" at which point I will probably cry.  

I found out yesterday that Leah's sweetheart refers to her craft room as the NCC - Douglas Branch and I really should post a shot of Leah's crafty space one of these days because it is set up so beautifully.  I think I'll do that after I get the new NCC Headquarters set up.

For those of you not familiar with the NCC, it stands for Nerd Central Command, the bridge or steering room, main hub of all things crafty in my home.  I love that there is now a Douglas Branch and wonder if other branches will open up as time goes by?  Let me know if you open one or spot one on your travels, I'd love to hear about it.

I may or may not be here during the next two weeks, but while I'm busy packing and moving please do me the honor of stitching for me.

Until next time, please continue being awesome!


  1. Oh awesome news!

    and the scarf... I am sooo envious! It's amazing!

  2. lol, no you didn't do the happy dance, you sat there in a stupor, i thought i was going to have to smack you back into reality........... hellloooooo earth to Carla?

    1. It was probably a mental happy dance at that point ;)

    2. I DID do the happy dance Leah, TWICE in your apartment, and then five more times after I got home then again on Sunday followed by happy screaming, then on Monday before, during and after the showing! I'm not sure what you were doing when the dance occurred but you WERE sitting right there when it happened hahahahahah!

  3. So happy you're moving to that great house, I know you're going to be so happy there, and can't wait to see your new NCC.
    As for the scarf..... I have no words, Mom is going to adore it, it's glorious.

    1. Thank you! I really love how it turned out and now must find a great box to put it in for Christmas. It will be wrapped but PLEASE make sure you put your name on it as you are the gifter!!!

  4. 1) Yay for the scarf finish!!! I'm sure Nancy's mom will love it!

    2) Even more yay for the house! xD Hopefully one day we will all have our own NCCs ^_^

    1. I really want to squeal and do the happy dance here at work but might get in trouble for being "disruptive" hahahahaha. Livingroom is packed, all I have to do is mop the floor so I can begin staging things in there for the movers!!!! We should be done with the hard stuff by this weekend so next week will be the Craig's List ads, donations and dump's all so INCREDIBLE!!

  5. Wow, that's both really great news! So the scarf is finished, and beautifully so. I guess that makes it time for Celtig Goddess now? :D

    Double yay on the house, I'm so happy for you it worked out and wish you all the best for your move. I can't wait to see your new NCC! And guess what? After Felix and I move to out apartment, I might just get my own little NCC as well ^_^

    1. Actually I was supposed to start "Skeleton Crew" on Sept 1st, but the house takes priority! Then Celtic Goddess and then the other WIPS. I did decide to do the one day per month on 12Days starting in January so that will wait but I have ECS to work on as well :D

      Have you and Felix heard anything about the apartment yet? When do you two move? What great ideas do you have for your NCC - Germany Branch? :D I can't wait to see!!

    2. Oh yeah, I remember, Halloween time! Can't wait to see you startt working on that one, but true, house is more important now ^_^

      Well we already signed the lease, so everything is settled; previous tenants are moving out September 30ths, than the craftspeople are coming to fix some minor issues, and we'll happyly move in October 15th. We already ordered our bed so hopefully that will be there in time and we'll start buying the other furniture after that, so probably bo-living for a while :D

      For my German branch-NCC, I know I want a nice desk to put directly under the window, where I can also put my sewing machine, and I've seen the most perfect crafts-material-storing shelf system at Ikea ( like this - comes in different sizes and colors and you can put in those baskets that exactly fit into one of the spaces to put in all kind of small stuff). I still need to think about details, there's so much to plan right now, but I will get there eventually and share pictures with you girls :D

    3. Ohhhh this is SOOOOO exciting! I love the cubby organizer which gives me ideas as well, but as you have seen I have an awkward space to work with so we shall see what happens there. However, the Deutsch Zweig der exciting!! Isn't this the best time of the year for changes and new fun things to happen? Ist so spanned!!!!!

  6. What a great achievement, it looks fabulous.