Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After the heavy blog today

On Monday when I shared a few shots of my kids and the scarf, I had mentioned that I wanted to take my son up to Perseverance Trail that evening.  Well......I did.

We really didn't feel like hiking much because it was a blistering 70 degrees out (laugh all you like, we Alaskans are here for the cold and 70 is not cold).  We messed around the river, took some shots of an old dilapidated dock thing (not sure what it is other than crooked and falling apart), and then my son says to me, "Ah, we need to go UP here".

Up we bushwhacked to where my son found an actual trail.  Yes, in order to find the easy way, one must first travel the hardest way possible to get there (wise thoughts if you ask me).

Once on that trail we realized that we were about where we were earlier when we made the decision not to go UP anymore as UP required physical exertion that neither of us wanted to expend and yet here we were again. So why not wander on the trail past the museum and see what's UP?

Short distance later and we come upon some stairs.  Fortunately there was a side trail to a creek that was happily gushing along down the mountain (backside of Mt.Roberts).  Side trail leads to a fantastic little spot to snap a few shots..............................and then it happened.

For those of you who know me and have heard my stories and seen my pictures of creek climbing (well you know I'm insane and will go up regardless of weather and such) I have to inform those who don't know and introduce you do a kind of addiction.  I creek climb.  No trails.  If something were to happen, well let's hope there is at least one bar on the ol' cell phone (and chances are there isn't one) are starting to see the insanity here I'm sure.  Just to ease your mind, nothing tragic happened....IT happened.

I've been telling my son about creek climbing and my oldest is an outstanding photographer so it would make sense for him to want to give it a go, right?  Now was that moment for him to see what it is I'm yapping about and why I find it so wonderfully addictive.

This is the moment when Matthew realized what the fuss was about.  The moment he truly understood and fell in love with creek climbing.

He told me after I had taken this shot that he "wanted to go up a little ways to get a few more shots" to which I replied, "yes my son, that is how it starts and now you see what I mean". He smiled his lovely smile and re-positioned himself for more pictures. As you can see, he has serious camera stuff.

I went up the trail further and found an entire set of old railway cars for mining, complete with locomotives and the locomotive repair shop (all dilapidated and falling down of course but still really awesome).  We spent over an hour taking shots of the rusting little things (they look like mini trains you see at Six Flags or something like that) and then it was time to continue up the creek.

He felt the urge to continue going up

Matthew was really into it by this time
The pictures in this blog are taken by me and my little camera in HDR.  If you like these I thank you, however, my son's are far superior.

Once we went back down to the car, you could see my son's face as he pondered the possibilities of what I have introduced him to and future trips back here to continue this journey up a creek any creek, he just wants to go.  He is still going through all of his pictures and probably will be for awhile now that he's home again, but I'm pretty confident he's thrilled to review each and every shot while he says to himself, "I wish we had the time to go up higher".

What else did my son do for me while he was here?  He bought me Velcro.  Just so you know, a 65" strip of Velcro is darned expensive!  So he bought it for me so I wouldn't have to put that on my SFS books for July.  Saving that for the PTP Christmas in July on Friday!  So why the Velcro?  Oh yes, it's for my 30" bars for my scroll frame so my fabric for ECS can be tight all the way across.

Once I had it on there and rolled up ECS it was all I could do not to start stitching on it now that it's taught!!!

If I didn't have enough reasons to love my children...supporting my crafty ways is definitely the most excellent reason I can think of at this moment.

Now I must sleep and dream of cross stitch and creek climbing and tiny houses and living off grid and......

Until next time....happy summer funzies! 


  1. Creek climbing is definitely insane...... says the waterfall addict. Your children are awesome, which I already knew, but it doesn't hurt to tell you again. But now that your company is gone, and half of mine is gone, the rest to leave on the weekend, we shall both be back to our quite stitching ways. Unless you find a creek and I find a waterfall.

    1. Yes, and maybe we can get some face time this weekend in the hangout. I really would like to hear about everyone's doings since I haven't really been on here much.

      Nancy, I truly believe you would seriously enjoy a nice climb. You don't have to be athletic, or like a billy goat...just have strong hands, a tiny bit of balance and enough smarts to not think shale is stable :D

    2. Strong hands I've got, balance, not so much. I'm good at going up, horrible at going down, but it's so much fun to try. As for hangout, I'll be available a little later tonight, though not to late as I work tomorrow

    3. I'm here today all day if you want to hangout :D You know, going up a creek was never a problem, it's coming back down I have issues with...isn't that funny?

  2. Well your pictures are amazing and if your son is anything like my brother I'm sure he'll spend quite a bit of time going through pictures wanting to find the 'right/perfect' ones. :)

    I'm glad you had a good time while he was there.

    1. Thank you and yes I did. I've been working extra hours to make up for being gone on Monday but still went for a hike after work today. I suggested to Nancy we have some face time this weekend if you are available. If not that's okay too :D

  3. Looks like you two had so much fun - Alaskan nature is just breathtaking, I don't think we got that kind of wilderness here. I love the pictures, it's relaxing just looking at them :)

    1. Thank you! I love it and cannot ever find a good enough reason to leave it. I have tons more pictures I'll get up on FB eventually for you to look at :D

  4. Hmm I was sure I commented on this already - must have started and lost it when my computer crashed :(

    Your images are awesome as always and I congratulate you on making another conversion to the great hobby creek climbing - wish I could still do that but well.. we are kinda short on creeks AND hills round here.

    Good Velcro is really expensive so I'm glad you didn't go for the cheap dollar store type. yay for raising a good son :D

    1. I have news for you but it can wait for my next blog update :D Velcro....hope I don't have to buy that again any time soon!

    2. ooOOoo :D Velcro is not nice stuff to work with - and it likes to roll up too but so useful for things.

    3. Fortunately it is ONLY for my 30" bars for ECS and how LOVELY and taught the fabric is! I wanted to jump back on that project but with issues the way they are and my need to finish Dr Who, my other sewing and secret projects, and Celtic Goddess it must wait patiently. It has waited for over 20 years, so another few months won't be too long a wait right? :D

    4. That is fortunate - so hard keeping your hands off when there is something new beaconing.. I know I'm weak and have succumbed again but at least I can comfort myself that it's one of the prizes :)

      Yes it can wait a bit longer.. stay strong!