Saturday, June 14, 2014

June WIPocalypse

I am ashamed of myself (but only for a moment) about not having done ANY work on Celtic Goddess since last year.  I had to change her status on my LIST from WIP to UFO but would like to make her the next project I work on and COMPLETE.  No more messing around......dang, how many times have I said that over the years?  It isn't a difficult project and should be the one I enjoy in preparation for my first ever HAED, but there is always something else that desperately needs to be started and/or worked on.  

That great idea about doing one day of 12 Days every month has not happened....oh NO!!!  It's the mid-year crisis!!! ha, ha!

You know I loved working the ten hour rota, but I have to say I'm back to my old ways of really wanting to get one project done at a time.  It may or may not be official that I am overwhelmed.  Seriously, look at the list of current WIPS:

English Cottage Sampler (not touched since February when I received the 30" rods for my scroll frame!)
No Drama (it's still glaringly yellow)
Stretch (Seriously??!!  This isn't large or complicated why isn't it done?)
Celtic Goddess (now a UFO so sad)
12 Days of Christmas

Hang on....that's it?  Why am I overwhelmed?  As per usual I am putting stress where it doesn't need to be! There are only 5 for Pete's Sake!!  Maybe my goal for the rest of the year should be to just not have multiple WIPs and absolutely NO UFOs.  Something to consider ONCE AGAIN.

So, no blog is complete in my world without some peek-churs of what I'm currently working on.  Flowers for Nancy is soooooooooooooooo close to being done.  I will have this done before the Stitching Pirates contest ends....I might even have it done this weekend, wouldn't that be nice?

You may find this entertaining, or not, but I worked the three shades of grey while watching The Grey and still managed to get all of that done.  

I have five colors left and then two colors for back stitching.  

There I was stitching along using the now infamous DMC 762 (see Nancy's blog about her usage of said color) and on this chart it is   *  .  I get done with those and am feeling good that I had just enough floss left to do that and am thinking I need to figure out what  C  is because up to now I haven't had to worry about it.

Turns out that new symbol is more 762.  It's in the new symbol because it is half cross stitch for shading under the chubby kitteh so I'm okay with that.  Was a little worried because I really thought I wouldn't have enough floss....I mean seriously....I'm like running out of's almost GONE!!  If we don't get a splurge month here soon for Stitch from Stash I'm going to run out of all flosses and then what??  PANIC AND MAYHEM I tell you!!  Or just never mind the budget (as per usual) and just go get all the floss I need....decisions, decisions.

Before I forget (and complete the meltdown process), this month's WIPocalypse Journal Question is: 

Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or festival?  If so, tell us about it!

No. Nothing to tell.  Ha!  Even though that is truth of it, there is actually a fun little story I can tell about this very subject that my girls and I have discussed during one (or more) of our Hangout sessions.

Nancy was the first to bring this subject up two years ago and recommended we all go to this lodge in Canada (I'm sorry Nancy, my com ate the bookmark and I cannot remember the exact name) which is amazing and hopefully she will share it in a comment below so we can all clicky on her link.  Anywho, this lodge idea is fantastic!  This particular lodge caters to "groups" and has guest houses specifically geared for that very thing.  How nice to stitch next to a fire while fighting with another stitcher over the OTT light?  It sounds marvelous!

That was two years ago and the idea is STILL a great one, but recently the girls and I were yakking about this subject again because it might be that two of our girls may potentially find themselves living in Germany at the same time.  So we have one in the Nederlands, two in Germany (in our fantasy), one in Canada and one in Alaska and one in Arizona (if she were to want to join in the fun that is).  It just means that since three of our girls are so close together, Nancy, Pinky and I should go over there to Germany.  I mentioned we should rent a castle and those girls didn't believe it was possible.  It is :D  That is just one scenario, rent a castle in Germany or Scotland (I don't care as long as it's a castle with staff), then we have the lodge idea in Canada (I love this idea as well) and strangely it's not the cost of the castle or the lodge that will do us all in's the airfare!!  Well, for two of us if we go to Germany it will be  a little bit of a struggle (and that all depends on whether or not the third is already in Germany so that will leave the Alaskan and the Canadian all alone on this side of the world with our straggler in Arizona).  This is weird, it just occurred to me that our stitchers are somewhat clumped together in twos:  Oklahoma and Arizona, Canada and Alaska, Germany and the Nederlands.  

And there you have it.  Even though I have never been to any kind of gathering, festival, or retreat, we are thinking about creating our own!  

Now I must get back to the chubby kitteh and get this done this weekend so I can dust off Celtic Goddess and get back to work on her.

Until next time.....HAPPY STITCHING! 


  1. Oh it's so nice to read from you again, I was starting to fear your new job might have eaten you :D

    Your WIPs aren't worth then mine, I got the two secret projects (yes I'm about to start number 2 just for the fun of it and also because Felix is away for the weekend), Lady, CS Angel, Peacock Tapestry, the GoT bookmarks, that pillow case I just need to finish and...oh, those three UFO table cloths that I might or might not pick up again someday. Plus a whole lot of projects just waitin to get started. Jup, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed as well. But I'd SO like to see you work on Celtic Godess, I'm really curious for that project!

    Also great progress on the kitty, I'm sure you'll figure that grey out. I'm longing for a splurge weekend myself, or I'll need to go over budget once for a Halloween project I'm planning, but I yet refuse to do so.

    I love your/our retreat plans, I so hope we'll make one of them happen one day!

    1. Thank YOU! I'm really glad I'm not the only one having that little bit of tension from unfinished things :D It's annoying isn't it?? Why can't we all have 18 hands so we can stitch MORE??!!

      I agree, we seriously need to get our heads together and figure out a place and make actual plans, so I guess our next step is to decide where. Who wants to be the host country? Kind of like the Olympics or the World Cup hahahahahaha!

    2. The advantage to the lodge, and therefore Canada as host country, is that it is driving distance for me so we would have a car at our disposal, the advantage to Germany and Scotland is CASTLE, also I've never been to Europe

    3. This is going to be a really difficult decision to make!

    4. ...and when tried to get to sleep last night I realized I totally forgot about the most important one, Angel of Frost, in this WIP-list *sigh* What's really stressing me out is all those deadlines on projects, I hope I'll be ae to wrap a few up during the next few weeks...

      For serious retreat plans, I'm not sure I'd make it anywhere this year, I need to get my move over with and start earning money and stuff, but then I guess we'd probably have all the details settled a year in advance or something anyway, that's just like us :D

  2. Ok the lodge in Canada is, A retreat would be so much fun, or all of us on a cruise to the Antarctic, that would be good too (I'm only minorly obsessed)
    I admit I'd almost forgotten about your Celtic Goddess, be happy to see her return,
    I think we may have to admit that June is the colour of 762.

    1. I KNEW you would post the link, THANK YOU! I don't know how many times we have looked at it and I still couldn't remember the name. Hmmmm, a cruise to Antarctica would be fun for a retreat...our ideas are getting BIGGER.

      Celtic Goddess is struggling to break free from Nerdy Expando File as we speak :D

    2. Yes, soon we will be planing the retreat on the International Space Station.

  3. I love reading your blogs. Always manages to make me smile. :) The kitty is looking pretty good. You should have it done in no time! ^_^

    1. Well, it seems to me you have been entirely too serious lately (due to the move) so ANYTHING we can do to make you smile is top of the list!

      By No Time I'm hoping by tomorrow afternoon at the latest!