Friday, May 16, 2014

WIPocalypse, Pre-IHSW and Everything Else

This month's WIPocalypse question is: What designs or themes do you really wish you could find?  What do you think is missing among stitching designs?

The answer to the first part of this question is KOI.  Call me picky, but the patterns for Koi that I have found are not what I'm looking for (some are very pretty or just plain awesome but not what I'm seeking).  I'll know it when I see it and honestly, 12 patterns is a sad amount of patterns for such a beautiful fish and the meaning behind them.  Still hunting.....for KOI.

The answer to the second part is this:   Sometimes patterns are printed on one huge page instead of several A4 sized pages.  This is problematic when you have to have the pattern laid out to see what you are doing.  I usually end up copying the pattern carefully and stitching it page by page anyway.  It also helps preserve the original which is nice because then you can give it to someone else in pretty mint condition.  It would be nice to have the larger patterns on several pages instead of one huge one.

I did receive my new fabric from Silkweavers called Twixt and Tween and I have to say IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

Imagine that pattern on that fabric and we have a really great project!  This is for September so it is safely tucked away right now.

This weekend is also IHSW!  I was really worried I had my dates wrong but Joysze assured us all that it's time again.  I haven't really been able to speak to my girls in awhile due to everyone's schedule and my being so incredibly busy and I miss them so much!  Tomorrow will be great!

So here is the EVERYTHING ELSE portion of today's blog......I'm officially laid off for 16 weeks.  One  of the reasons I've been so incredibly busy, as many of you already know, is I have been applying for other jobs that AREN'T seasonal.  Technically I still have a job that I can go back to but the return date is "projected" which means I may get called back early OR I may have my layoff extended.  In the meantime I am hunting up a permanent position that won't have this particular issue.

The first and greatest thing about my layoff starting now is that I now have an entire week to prepare for The Second Annual Eldridge and Witts Memorial Day Weekend Camp Out!  I'm making the flyer today and getting that out into the world so everyone will know.  Last year's camp out was most excellent and as it turns out we aren't the only people here in Juneau who do this.

As you can see, there were a few tents and my gazebo.  This year our tents have been improved and are larger, Witts will have a "man camp", my daughter may or may not have her own camp, new chairs which are incredible which gives us extra chairs for visitors, and this year we are looking at lanterns and trying to decide which to get.

Memorial Day Weekend will be EPIC!  I'm preparing the Little Travel Case as well.

I'm so excited I am not sure what to do with myself and being laid off doesn't help since I now have more time for pretty much everything....including STITCHING!  This is one thing I was VERY excited about.  Once can get quite a bit of stitching done in 16 weeks.  Unless another job comes along.  Which would be great but would greatly decrease stitching time, but would increase the amount of pennies I have in my bank account which wouldthengivememoremoneyforfabricandflosandkadjaoiejf;asldkjf...............

Okay, vicious circle of nonsense aside, I do hope everyone is ready to spend some time stitching this weekend!!  If your weather is gorgeous and you NEED to be outside doing something please do, just make sure you are dreaming about stitching!

Until next time.....


  1. That fabric is awesome! I love it!

    1. After taking many pictures of it, STILL doesn't do it justice, so here's hoping the final project is photogenic enough to show how truly delicious it really is :D

  2. I have hunted for Koi, nothing right so far. The camping weekend looks so awesome, and that's coming from someone who hates camping. I am off both Saturday and Sunday so stitching will be happening,

    1. Just wait until after the weekend is over and PICTURES!!!

  3. Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot about WIPocalypse! Post coming right up :D

    I sure do hope you get to enjoy your layoff (at least the first few weeks until that awesome job comes along that is sure to pop up at some point) and to see lots, lots, lots of stitching from you, I'm already getting withdrawal-symptoms because almost everyone is just so busy and there just isn't enough amazing stitching to stalk ^_^

    1. My plan is to do plenty of stitching! I do know of a job that will be coming open in June or July that I WANT and will HAVE, so I'm not too worried. Even if I don't get anything by the time the layoff is over there is always the potential to be offered permanent status at my current job so we shall see.

      YOU have been really busy as well, but you were the one stitching more than the rest of us there for awhile so maybe it's my turn now? :D