Monday, May 26, 2014

Flowers for Nancy and SFS

Alrighty!  Stitch from Stash for May was $0.00.  That's right!  I didn't spend anything this month!  I do have a very long wish list from multiple websites, but so far no spending.  Nancy and I are waiting for that big splurge month so we can go hog wild!

As you all know I've been working on Flowers for You From The World of Cross Stitching Magazine Issue 188 and there I was hanging out with Nancy while I was starting to stitch the pink tulips and making small complaining noises about the pink when Nancy says, "If you don't like it, change it!".  My response was, "How do you do that?"  and then I turned around and there, waiting for this very moment was a chart from DMC  that shows you the colors (color order not numerical) and wouldn't you just know it?  The four colors of pink were in color order and it was EASY to change the colors.  I wanted yellow and orange but strangely there aren't as many orange colors as one might think so I went with lavenders.

Almost ten hours of stitching later and the flowers are no longer pink, and there is one more white daisy that needs to be finished and its on to the cat, back stitch and beads.

What has changed as of now?

1) The French Knots in DMC 368, 729, 799, and 962 are now going to be beaded in the closest colored glass beads I could find in my stash, which are pretty spot on as far as color matching goes.

2) Pink Tulips are now yellow and lavender.  The original DMC were 961, 962, 963, 3716 and are now for the yellow 727, 3078, 726, and 725.

 For the lavender they are 208, 209, 210, and 211.  Had to rip out the first pink color from the tulips that I had already stitched, but it was so very worth it!

The original pattern also does not have back stitching in or around the tulips, but I added some for a tiny bit of definition.  The rest of the backstitching will all be from the original pattern and as far as I know at this time there will be no other changes made to this pattern. 

For such a simple pattern, it sure did become a bit complicated!  I have deemed this particular piece decorative pillow worthy.  We shall see if that stays true once it is completed.  Again this is a fun project for the Stitching Pirates Puppy Love Spring Contest and because I am a judge my entries don't count.  If you are reading this and are not a member of Stitching Pirates by all means come on over and join us!

On a final note, the Second Annual Eldridge & Witts Memorial Day Weekend Campout did not happen.  I think I mentioned this last week.  It was due to weather and budgetary constraints.  Turns out the weather wasn't anything like what we were being told it was going to be ITS GLORIOUS!! But the budgetary constraints remain.  We did go see Boeing! Boeing!, which is an award winning play, yesterday and it was really worth going to. 

And there you have the latest and greatest!  Until next time...happy stitching! 


  1. Thank god for wishlists, otherwise we would both be doomed.

    1. Agreed! I'm with you and anxiously awaiting the "special" credit card for that is primed and ready....squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    2. My "special card" is getting Cirque tickets, I regret nothing.

    3. I am still a little envious :D

  2. So pretty! I bet you'll stitch up the rest in no time at all ^_^

    1. If I ever finish running all over the place! If I could do another 10 hour marathon I would definitely be done!