Friday, May 2, 2014

April Tusal and Stitch From Stash

Because I have been busy the last week,  I'm a little late for my Tusal Report and my Stitch from Stash which is alright because it gave me some special time with my "stuff" today after work.  

For April I spent $23.00 on fabric from Silkweavers which is for the Cross Eyed Cricket pattern called Skeleton Crew which cost $7.19 for a total of $30.19. This doesn't include shipping, but the fabric will be sparkly!  If you want to read and see more about this little adventure in spending please read Oh Dear! What did I buy now?

I did get a little fancy on my ORT jar shot this time around.  It is full of yarn as well as floss and beading thread.

There was quite a bit of work on the Dr. Who Scarf done, Vinnie, Day 1 AND!!!!  Beading thread from the first dream catcher I've ever made.

I had a birthday party to go to last weekend for my girlfriend Vanessa who was turning 40.  My daughter had picked out a star shaped crystal and I sat here in the NCC trying to think of how best to present the star to her.

We gave her the stars.  I went to Wiki How to learn how to make one and then decided on using glass beads, Swarovski crystals and that really great star crystal. It's not perfect, and I'm not the greatest with beads but when I showed it to my daughter her eyes went wide and she loved it so I knew Vanessa would too.

Plans are taking shape for this summer lay off. Neighbors Day in Hoonah with a mile long zip line in June, and a week with  my oldest son in July here climbing creeks with me for some great shots and good, good fun.  

This summer layoff will be fine and this is where Stitch from Stash will really work in my favor.  The fact that I'm now officially THINKING about things before I go all crazy and buy a bunch of stuff is such a wonderful new gift I cannot even begin to thank Mel for coming up with that idea.  So HURRAH for SfS!!  If she does it for 2015 I'm in!

Doesn't matter to me if I "win", its the fact that I am making serious effort to not do what I have done in the past.  I could seriously gush on and on about this, but I'm proud of myself!!  Wishlists are a wonderful thing.

And now, after not stitching all week, it's special time with Vinnie Stretch and the "Marathon Survivor" shows for the current season up to the most recent episode.

I've always thought it would be fun to cross stitch every season's "patch", so maybe that will be a fun project for this summer.  Speaking of patches, I've been asked by the Chief of Police for Hoonah to cross stitch the police patch.  They are having it redesigned slightly so I have to wait for the new artwork before I can proceed.  I have advised him that this could be $1,000.00 worth of work and he said to go for it.  We shall see how it turns out AND I have a great idea for the frame already!! Home made, sanded, stained all made by me.  My girls will tell me how to price once I get closer to done since I'm not very good at putting a price on something.

I hope everyone is doing well, weather changing for the better in some places, others not so good, but here in Juneau, Alaska is AWESOME!!!!  We have sunshine for the next eight days!

Happy stitching everyone, and if you aren't stitching I do hope you are doing something fun!


  1. We have a storm coming, I'd join you in Juneau if I could. I loved the dream catcher when I first saw it, love it more now that I know how it came to be, what a wonderful gift.
    And I agree, I would do SFS 2015 in a heartbeat, though I am waiting for another splurge weekend to order some black 18ct fabric for the fractal and maybe even the fabric for the angel as I've seen the perfect, but pricey fabric.
    YAY for the police patch that will be an awesome project to do

    1. Now that we have spent the afternoon "fake shopping" I'm really excited about the fabric you are thinking about getting and I totally agree on that fabric for the Angel. Here's what I think about that: IF we get another splurge weekend you should have all the fabric you want ready to go in the wishlist. This is where you go through your small patterns and think about what fabric you would use for those. Sometimes when you order fabric you have a bit left over which is how I ended up with such great stuff for biscornu and bookmarks :D I'm thinking I might do that very same thing :D

    2. Well I'm loving this bunny so much and I'm stitching her on the pink/blue sparkly fabric you sent me. There are 3 other bunnies so I'm going to be looking for cool other coloured sparkly stuff for them.
      And I have the angel fabric on my wishlist, shall go at the 18ct now.

    3. I love 18 ct no matter what color it is :D If I may recommend Silkweavers for some fun sparkly fabric? :D If we can we will have to try for next Saturday and hopefully we will have Leonore with us, but I'm afraid we won't have Krystal unless she can come talk to us while they are driving! :D

    4. Saturday sounds good, but as per usual my the time I get there is iffy, I only have a four hour shift, so off at 10am, but that's my first day with the new boss. So change is very possible.
      I'll go off and check Silkweavers now.