Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Do You Keep Your Stash Organized - WIPocalypse for April

One might be inclined to assume that Nerd Central Command has all of the amenities of a high functioning Nerdette, complete with filing systems alphabetized, in chronological order, by color, size and so on.  Sadly this is not to be.  The NCC is a work in progress, but I assure you that once I FINALLY figure out the storage system that works best for me I will never again have to dig, and dig deep for that one little thing that I suddenly need after not having seen it in a generation!  Oh yes, it will happen.....someday.

See, the issue is, it takes me a while to think about what it is exactly that I want from a storage situation. Four years ago I thought I wanted see through totes that were small.  Although this was neato, it is not what I want.  Instead of spending more money that I don't have at present, I'm thinking.  I'm thinking that my thinking is very much like Winnie The Poo's and my head is stuffed with fluff.  I take organization very seriously which could be why I haven't found anything I like yet.  I have looked, and still continue to look, but so far there is no idea yet that gets me excited enough to scream out "THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE!!"  I already feel bad for those individuals, those innocents who would be in the wrong place at the wrong time when that screaming begins. Let us continue..... 

One thing I have not changed in over two and a half decades is how I store my floss and fabric.

Floss is still on bobbins, organized numerically.  Turns out I do need one more bobbin box for the variegated DMC.  All the flosses in the floss boxes are DMC.  I'm considering doing the same thing for my ThreadX, Week's Dye Works and whatever else I pick up.  

My fabric hasn't always been in it's own bin before, but I have always put the fabric in sandwich baggies. Musty smelling fabric is NO.  Besides, if you are anything like me, there will be a time or ten that you will suddenly feel the urge to spill something horribly sticky into your fabric stash and without those plastic sandwich baggies, well, you can kiss that money goodbye as well as all the lovely fabric you have acquired over the years. 

Leaflets, bindered magazines, kits, finished pieces and patterns all go into a large basket at present.  There isn't usually a day I am not digging in this particular basket so having it right there and open is helpful.  I do like putting patterns and such in binders as well to keep things somewhat organized until I finally have that light bulb moment.  If Juneau can have thunder and lightening, I can have a great idea about organizing my stash!!!

Nerdy Expando-File is PERFECT for holding WIPS with their patterns and such so you don't lose track of them.  I love it and THIS idea was a great one.  I have a dream of emptying the file folder out of all WIPs and starting a new round of projects.  We all know that won't happen, but what a fun dream!

And finally, Little Travel Case.  Small projects on the go.  This was a recent brilliant idea.  As you can see, my ideas thus far have been small ones, but very useful ones.  It truly will be exciting when the BIG PICTURE idea takes over my mind and I become the epitome of organization.  I might even have my own Wikipedia page which will expound on the awesomeness that is me and my brilliance for organization.

I think my biggest issue with the big idea is that I want to see my stash when I look around the room.  I don't like the idea of hiding it away, I need to see it.  I don't mean this to sound like I have to look at it 24/7 like a lunatic stalker.....I mean I want to be able to see what it is I'm after at a glance and not do anymore dang digging!!  Digging is for rodents and even though I find some rodents too cute, I am not a rodent myself and should not have to dig, and dig deep for that one little thing that I suddenly need after not having seen it in a generation!  ....yes, I am aware I've said that already...it's still amusing to me.  Wonder where else I could fit that one in?  Future blogs?  Like a where's Waldo scenario but with sentences like that one?  

Right, moving on.  I am very sleepy, but I want to get in some stitching this evening if I could.  We shall see. In the mean time, get organized and happy stitching!


  1. You are way more organized than I am, though our floss stored the same way, but my boxes of floss sit in a filing cabinet in the office, as do my hoops, some interfacing and that big thing of 8ct you gave me, that hasn't told me what it wants to be yet.
    Stitching books are on my bookshelf. fabric, finished unframed projets (which is most of them), magazines and leaflets are in a drawers in a rolling craft cabinet thingee that is all paint on one side and my stitching stuff and random craft things of Mom's in the other side. If I ever cleaned out the dark room, I might be able to figure things out better, but I'm scared of it.

    1. that darkroom is starting to scare me just a little as well! Sounds like your stuff is "in process" like mine!