Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dr Who and stuff update

Its shocking to me that Nerd Central Command still isn't cleaned up.  Some would say that the mess is due to a creative mind, but frankly there hasn't been much creating going on here for over a week!  The best that I could muster was moving one pile to a new location, digging around for one of my pattern books as reference to answer a question and shoving things aside to put more "stuff" on the top of whichever desk or table has the slightest bit of room for more debris.  Yesterday I did clean up a bit more with Krystal's help. She sat comfortably in her own home and laughed at me during a video chat as I struggled with things.

On a positive note, we did manage to go through some patterns and I found a really cute secret pattern for the Puppy Love Spring Contest on dA!  It is a secret, but it's so cute!!  Wait, that might be a giveaway and Krystal won't tell so it's going to be a secret.  I'm still a judge so my entry won't count but I still like to enter something once in a while.  Both of us seem to be at a serious standstill on the cross stitching front and did try and motivate each other.  Searching for something for the contest worked just a little bit.

As you can see I started that little bit last night.  Just what I need is another WIP ha, ha.  I'm thinking I might have to go back on my rota to get some excitement back.  I really wanted to get the first four days of 12 days done before I went back to that or did anything else but that isn't happening.  I don't want to feel like a stitching machine and lose the joy of stitching.  

So if I wasn't stitching, what was I doing?  Well, it wasn't finishing up the cleaning of the NCC that's for sure!!

It was actually some power knitting on the Dr. Who Shada Scarf!  For some reason Season 2 of GOT
ended up on my com and it just felt right to knit.  Some of you are probably gasping and wondering how I have managed to get along without having seen all of Season 2 and 3 already and be screaming for 4 to come out on blu-ray, but I'll tell you this; I'm busy.  I have quite a few other interests and sometimes I'm all over the place. One of those side trips was with Season 1 of Vikings.

I had to watch it all the way through and was starving for more at the end of the first season.  Two thumbs up for the History Channel!  If you haven't seen it, please do, it is quite wonderful.

Now, Season 3 of GOT is waiting for my attention, as is the Dr Who Shada Scarf.  Little fun fact here:  I only have 22 color changes in three sections of the last row in the pattern to do.  Not bad since there are approximately 95 or so color changes throughout the entire pattern.  I can knit furiously and watch a show very easily, but it does make me lose count sometimes.

I'm undecided, but I might miss having this around once it's finished.  I do have a blanket to make for a friend and have had his yarn stashed away for several years....but it's not time to consider the next two year project yet.  Ah well, I'll consider that later, now back to the knitting and stitching on the secret project.

Until next time....happy stitching!


  1. Yay on the scarf, it looks awesome.Can't wait to see what the secret thing is, you can never have too many projects. I need to see if they one I'm thinking of is a viable size for a back up project on a time frame. If not, I'll just have to go through my stash, what a hardship ;)
    I've watch 1 and a half episodes of Vikings, and am definitely enjoying.

    1. Thank you, I really do love it. This scarf and I have a history now :D The secret thing is secret and I might be thinking you are right about not having too many projects. Why is it at work my desk is immaculate, all things in order but at home it's chaos?

      Yes, dig through your stash.....I did and found a nice piece of evenweave for the secret project. And once again the magazines have proven useful in a pinch!

      Oh yes....Vikings....I have to say I truly am hungry for more. My hope is that it doesn't get too complicated like some shows tend to do. We shall see.

    2. Oh I did some fabric digging last night, been looking through the TW freebies and there is a hummingbird and a companion to PT and all that pretty fabric you sent me, I want to put something on the brown, but I haven't decided what yet.

    3. I'm excited to see what you come up with!!

    4. Should be getting the baby announcement in the mail this week, have to start it right away so that the kid isn't a teenager when they get it.

    5. You and Krystal....I'll have to ask the other two is they feel a little left out on this score. I know I do just a little. But I do have evil plans in the works for my Grandma's Hope Chest hahahahahah!

  2. Hahah, yeah I don't think we were very successful at our 'motivation.' That being said, I have started work on that other butterfly today so we'll see if I can finish that up and get back to my announcement. Wish me luck! ;)

    Also, I'm loving the progress of the scarf and you're right. Won't tell a soul. ^_^

    1. True story! All I could do were those few stitches, but I am excited to hear you are on the other butterfly. Nancy says you can never have too many projects, but in your case you do have a time constraint on the birth announcement. Once that is done you have planned the Christmas Stockings right? Hmmm, maybe it's time for your own rotational thingy? I DO wish you luck! You will get back to the main project in due time (har har no pun intended) and love it just as much.

      I love little secrets like this!